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Sharjah Center for Astronomy & Space Sciences | #MacroTraveller

Sharjah Center for Astronomy and Space Science (SCASS) was opened at Sharjah University late 2015. The center has several exhibitions to showcase the contribution of Muslims to astronomy, the history of telescopes, satellites, and space exploration. One of the main attractions of this centre is its Planetarium. The planetarium uses seven special projectors to display the sun, the moon, and five planets visible to the naked eye from Earth.

The observation of dual stars, star spectroscopy, the study of variable stars and asteroids, the passage from the motherland, the study of glitches of the sun and the discovery of the centre of the galaxy of the Milky Way are among the projects being carried out by students and students at the Center’s Observatory.

The Center’s research in the field of space sciences includes climate modelling, high-energy solar spectrometry, investigation of the causes of solar magnetic storms, celestial observation, and heliosphere, investigation of corona eruptions of the sun, remote sensing system, renewable energies. In the field of space technology, the centre’s staff is working in these areas: astronomy/image processing, space robotics, network/computer centre, aerospace engineering, control system, commercial vehicles, life-saving systems, clean rooms/cubic satellites, space navigation and control Orbit.

In the astrophysical part of the study, such as the study of dense objects, atmospheric spectroscopy, the surface of the Martian surface, and meteorite and astrochemistry research. The equipped laboratory of the centre consists of 5 sections: GIS and remote sensing centre, meteorological centre, radio astronomy test, ionosphere lab, and Cybust Lab.

The exhibition hall of this centre is made up of more than 10 scientific and fascinating exhibitions.

The Blue Galaxy: You are in during Aristotle, the Abu Aryan, the outer, and the Sufi. In this section, you discover the world using simple tools.

Green Galaxy: Here, by joining Galileo and Kepler, you will travel to the Newtonian Telescope at the first modern astronomy using the first telescopes. In the middle of the galaxy, you have the opportunity to entertain yourself through the mirror that bends the world around you.

Red Galaxy: Your spaceship has now reached the Red Galaxy. So get ready to join the scientists to analyze the light. Measure the speed of light, help scientists in discovering distant objects along with other stars and curious about the fantastic Doppler effect.

Orange Galaxy: You will see advanced experiments. So be prepared to travel to a black hole, but do not let your Galaxy gravity lenses fool you. Otherwise, you cannot see the first moments of the birth of the Galaxy, Big Bang.

Aero Rocket Challenge: Make a simple rocket try and surprise your friends and family with how you thrown Turbo missiles. You travel from Sharjah to the Arctic, and then you will go to space in a two-engine spacecraft. A motor for leaving the Earth’s atmosphere and the other for moving in space. You must choose which engine to use for each journey.

Manipulation of interconnection operations: The International Space Station (ISS), astronauts, food, oxygen, and scientific tools are out and waiting for new spaceships to be delivered. Do you provide them with security and supplies, or will space station astronauts be disappointed? Test your skills.


Landing Challenge in the Moon: Are you still willing to travel and land in the moon like Neil Armstrong in 1969? The spaceship designed for landing on the moon is waiting for your commands and control. Be careful to land on the surface without colliding with the craters of the moon.

International Space Station: The International Space Station (ISS) is located 400 km from the ground. It is time to explore the International Space Station that traverses the Earth every 90 minutes. In this section, you will learn about the missions of the astronauts through five stages of construction, participatory contributors, life in grave gravity.

World Exposition in the Quran: Our universe is full of scientific and geometric miracles that have involved philosophers and scientists for thousands of years. Similarly, the Holy Quran has verses that show the power of Allah Almighty and the greatness of His creation. In this exhibition, you will learn about the way the world goes from Bang Bang to the formation of stars, galaxies, and solar system, as well as its ultimate destination. All of this is a unique harmony between what scientists now believe in and what we learned from the Creator of the World in the 14th century in the Holy Quran.

Wallpapers about the universe: Do you want to discover the hidden truth behind dark matter? Are you going to wonder with the notion that there may be life elsewhere in the world? In the wallpaper section of the Planetarium, you will read the story of the world.


Space Exploration Exhibition: Do you have a special meaning for you in 1957 and 1969? If the answer is negative, you should look at the pages of this beautiful book, which is about the first moments of the space race to this day, to browse exciting images and information, and change your mentality. Before you go to the cosmopolitan cafeteria to make cosmetic or cosmetic gifts, you and your family should review the space science book to get more information about space, its technologies, exploration of the celestial objects, and landing in the moon.

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Destination Sharjah
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Destination Sharjah
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Destination Sharjah
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