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Shaadi by Marriott Hyderabad Edition, Day 2

Day 2 of the event day of Shaadi by Marriott began early and healthy woke up and got ready for a session of Yoga around 07:00hrs early in the morning. Morning workout with healthy yoga along with yoga teacher who taught us various poses and the importance, information of the pose like which pose is the best fit for the muscle or bones in our body. The session of Yoga lasted an hour and soon after various poses, stretches our body was found to be relieved of the stress of travel and also it felt light. A short session of Yoga also helped me to stay active the rest of the day even though I was occupied by various other events and works.

After a quick session of Yoga, we headed off to a good healthy breakfast at Westin, the breakfast here was scrumptious and healthy. Westin Hyderabad offers a good breakfast option. After the yoga session, I was quite hungry hence I had my share of breakfast and as mentioned in the event overview we had a fashion show at Marriott which I was looking forward to. The event was supposed to be held after sunset hence we had a lot of time

During the same time, we were told we would be having a themed lunch at Le Meridian. The Grand Lunch as it was termed was going to be held at Le Meridian hotels, until afternoon, we just explored the beautiful city of Hyderabad. Visiting their famous places of attractions so that we can spend some time out exploring and also to kill some time.

By afternoon, we headed off to Le Meridian where The Grand Lunch was supposed to be held. The Grand Lunchwas a themed lunch. It was a great and delicious buffet spread lunch with both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetariandishes that were being served here. The vegetarian dishes were of many items which tasted amazing. After lunch,

there were preparations for the Fashion Show. At around 18:30hrs evening of day 2 of Shaadi by Marriott. The Fashion show had many invite-only attendees, it was a grand fashion show which was held by the biggest names in Fashion.  Witnessed many models and celebrities who walked the ramp with wedding collection from best in the industry. With some high attendees and some of the best collection of wedding designs it gave many other have ideas on the various collections by various designers for wedding events as such. The event was a fun-filled, and later we went for a Gala Dinner which was held at Marriott.

Thus ending Day 2 of the event by Marriott named, Shaadi by Marriott after the gala dinner, it was sad and happy to notice how the Marriott hotels have now entered to the field where they take care of end-to-end of marriage activities and events. It was a quick glimpse of what happens in most of the weddings in India. This was a crazy and fun-filled 2 days which I never knew how it passed by. Day 3 was just as a normal day where we had Breakfast at Marriott and we left off to our respective places.

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