Shaadi by Marriott Hyderabad Edition – Day 1

Marriott Hotels and Resorts is a known hospitality service which is known internationally. A brand and part of Marriott International, it has a special place for people who visit their hotels to stay where they are provided with the utmost comfort and nice stay experience. It has been ranked one of the best company to work for, being voted multiple times in various years and have even won awards in the same category.

As part of their new launch event called Shaadi by Marriott, #macrotraveller was invited to Hyderabad as a part of the event. Hyderabad is a city and capital of the Indian state of Telangana. As part of the wedding, Hyderabad contributes to over $2 billion as a part of Indian Luxury Weddings which has witnessed growing hub of artists, event planners, fashion designers, decorators etc.  Popularly known as the Pearl capital of the nation, Hyderabad is a known place for the jewellery industry. It is also known for its royalty which makes this place a perfect place to begin this new launch of Shaadi by Marriott concept.

#macrotraveller was happy to be this 2-day extravagant event which showcases how Indian weddings are celebrated in pompous and stylishly. With so many decorations, lightings, catering, food, and guests it makes difficult for a single person to manage, and when there are high profile weddings, it would be a difficult task to manage. Hence there would be a need for wedding planners and event management companies which Marriott offers when they select their place as a wedding destination place.

On Day 1 we landed to Hyderabad and we were escorted to Sheraton Hotel. We were welcomed in true Nawabi Style which the city is known for, later we were given a quick event overview of the concept of Shaadi by Marriott and followed by Mehendi Lunch.  Later we visited Marriott Executive Apartments and were given a quick look of the property followed by Hi-Tea till evening, and around 18:30hrs the same evening we went to Westin where Sangeet Ceremony was supposed to be performed.

Sangeet is a common pre-wedding event which used to be held by Gujrathi, Punjabi and Hindu but nowadays, the same has been followed and is quite common. The events are held by families of the bride and groom who come together and sing together to enjoy the night filled with music and dance.  Before the same was being celebrated for over 10 days, nowadays the same has been cut down and is celebrated just a day before the wedding. The concept of Sangeet was undertaken by Shaadi by Marriott and it was a fun-filled evening to take rest for day 1.

Thus ending day 1 with music and dance, we took rest at Westin getting ready for early day 2 of the event Shaadi by Marriott.

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Shaadi by Marriott Hyderabad Edition, Day 2
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Shaadi by Marriott Hyderabad Edition, Day 2
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