Destination Seychelles

Seychelles opens to tourism but allows only vaccinated tourists

The beautiful island nation of Seychelles has now agreed to open to international tourists, however, they would allow only those who are vaccinated.

Visitors should recognize themselves as ‘vaccinated’ which includes 2 doses of vaccines and a negative RT-PCR test which is needed to be done not more than 72 hours before the journey.

As per government orders, Seychelles will be reopening to tourism in a two-step approach. In the first phase, it will allow those who have taken 2 doses of Covid-19 vaccines and also RT-PCR test which is to be taken 72 hours before and the test results to be negative.

As per reports, the second phase of tourism changes will be allowed from Mid-March and by then it is expected that a significant population of the country would have been vaccinated by them. It is expected that during the phase, unvaccinated visitors would likely be allowed to enter the country with just a Covid-19 negative report from the test done 72 hours before the journey.

As per statements, if they do by the ongoing numbers, 25% of the population will likely be vaccinated by mid-March when the second phase will be rolled out.

The statement also noted that Seychelles is currently open to Indian visitors, who have not been vaccinated yet, but via private jet transfers only.

However, those arriving in the country will have to follow existing health protocols, such as maintaining adequate social distance by wearing face masks which will remain in place all the time as per the travel advisory issued by the government. Also, all tourism operators are expected to follow the existing covid-19 protocols and operating procedures.

Destination Seychelles
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Destination Seychelles
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