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Saudi Arabia suspends international flights for another week.

Saudi Arabia has extended the suspension of all international flights and entry of visitors via land, seaports too in the wake of a new coronavirus strain that was discovered in the United Kingdom.

In a tweet from the Saudi General Authority of Civil Aviation, they said, “An official source in the Ministry of Interior said: Extending the suspension of international flights and entering the Kingdom through land and seaports for another week,”

Saudi’s top aviation body on Sunday confirmed that they will allow airlines operating in the kingdom to fly out for non-Saudi Arabian passengers reported Al Arabiya.

Last week, the country had closed its borders and suspended international flights for one week over the discovery of the new coronavirus strain in the UK which has now spread to different countries all around the world.

Last Sunday, health authorities said that any passengers who had returned from any countries where the new strain has been detected. And every passenger needs to self-isolate for 2 weeks from the date of entering the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia bans travel from 20 countries
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