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Sanctuary of Truth in Pattaya, Thailand

Being one of the oldest countries that have followed Buddhism as its culture, Pattaya has a lot of Buddhist temples called Wat’s located in each city/villages. Visiting Pattaya to learn about Buddhism, we notice many cave paintings, statues dedicated to Lord Buddha.

Sanctuary of Truth is one such temple located in the city of Pattaya where you can notice the intricate designs that adore the temple. Located in 206/2 Moo 5, Soi Naklua 12, Near Naklua sea. North Pattaya Chonburi, Sanctuary of truth is one of must-visit place while you are heading to the country of Thailand.  History is that the idea to construct a temple which is based on Buddhism and Hinduism beliefs and the temple needs to be constructed based on the Ayutthaya period was the brainchild of Mr Lek Viriyahphan. It is still in construction and is said to be completed around 2050.

High-quality wood is used to construct the Sanctuary of Truth where you can notice the form of building to be Cathedral (Tetrahedron) style of architecture. It is said that the temple might resemble Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia.  The site mainly covers an acre of land where the interior design takes around 2115 sqm, central apex to be around 105m tall and 100 m wide around all 4 sides from the centre.

Constructed entirely of teak wood the temple has every surface decorated with Eastern Sculpture based on Thai, Hindu, Chinese and Khmer traditions. The main idea of the building is making people do the good thing, avoid evil thing and philosophies that teach us a different way of living and fulfilment that modern life can’t offer.  Different types of wood have been used to construct the four cathedrals, however, the oldest has been used to build the main post which can be retained for the next 600 years.

Although the temple is still under construction, you can go on a tour of the temple. The guide here will show you how the temple is being constructed from scratch. You can notice many workers still carving out designs in teak wood. Upon entering you can notice The four face statue of Brahma situated on the rooftop. The northern hall represents wisdom. Here you can notice many sculptures such as Gunayin. The Southern hall represents The Planets, The Sun and the moon which influences our way of lifestyle. The western hall represents four elements Earth, Fire, Wind and Water and sculptures of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva and finally, the eastern hall represents sculptures people and essence of life where this includes Father, mother, love, mercy which has been passed from generation to generation.  You can notice the Gulf of Thailand when you notice it from the highest point.

Activities here include visiting the viewpoint situated near the castle, viewing many exhibits that focus on the cycle of life. The other activities such as elephant riding, ATV touring, a boat trip around the coastal line, Art, and tradition show, Martial art show and Dolphin show. There will be Thai Cultural Dance performance, showtimes for the performance is done at 11:30 and 15:30hrs which is only held twice in a day. Along with that, you can notice sword fight, wood carving workshop and souvenir shops where you can purchase beautiful wood carved statues as little gifts.

The entrance fee costs 500 Baht for Adults and 200 Bahts for children and is open from 08:00-17:00hrs daily. As it is a religious place, it is advisable to dress appropriately.  You need to hire a taxi, motorbike to visit this as the Sanctuary of Truth is located inside and you need a vehicle to travel inside.

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Destination Thailand
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Destination Thailand
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