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S E.A Aquarium experience in Sentosa, Singapore

S.E.A Aquarium an acronym for South East Asia Aquarium is one of the main attraction of Singapore. Part of Marine Life Park, S.E.A Aquarium is situated on Sentosa island. Being one of the largest aquariums in South East Asia this houses over 1000+ marine animals of over 800+ species from different part of the world. People visit this aquarium from all over the world to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Built across 10 zones namely Red Sea, South China Sea, Strait of Karimata & Java Sea, Bay of Bengal & Laccadive Sea, the lakes of East Africa and the Open Ocean, this aquarium is a place for many endangered species such as Manta Ray, Morey Eel and various sharks such as hammerhead shark etc. The main attraction of this aquarium is Open Ocean tank which has over 50,000 animals which can be viewed from inside the tube. Watching these aquatic animals is so mesmerizing that will make you visit again and again.

Entrance to S.E.A Aquarium is by tickets where you have an option to buy at the stand or book online. There are options for Standard or VIP Entrance.

Standard Entrance – With over 1000 species of animals this entrance is for all who have booked tickets online. This will allow you to explore the aquarium in its timing and take a photo or two. With the price of SGD40, this one-time experience guarantees you for one cool adventure.

VIP Pass – This allows you to enter the aquarium before its opening hours where you can enjoy the aquarium and animals with peace. Here you would also have an option for a private guide where he will explain about the aquarium, about marine animals and its habitat. You have a back-house option also with this where you can get a closer look at the animals.

There is an option for special experiences such as

Ocean Dreams – This is where you are allowed to stay overnight at the aquarium where you would notice how the marine animals behave at night time. You are given a tent to stay overnight and in the morning you would wake up to a beautiful view of a swarm of sharks and other aquatic animals.

Shark Encounter – Want to stay just inches away from oceans deadliest creatures, then this is one adventure for those adventurous tourists where you are in a safety enclosure and in midst of sharks swimming right beside you. This encounter requires a person who is able to swim and hold breath underwater and children are allowed with the supervision of a guardian.

Sea Trek – This adventure is where you are the midst of beautiful manta rays and other aquatic animals A once in a lifetime opportunity where you would be given a suits and will dive into the aquarium. Tourists should be medically deemed fit so as to explore this adventure and should not be flying for the next 12 hours.

There are other experiences such as Open Ocean Dive, Shark Dive, Open Water Dive (PADI and Advanced PADI) and Scuba Diving to name a few. This experience is such a thrill that you would want to book another round of tickets just to be in the midst of these amazing creatures.

You can dine at in house restaurant called Ocean Restaurant where you can dine in the midst of sharks, mantas and other aquatic animals. This is the only restaurant in SEA Aquarium where you can have a fine dine. There is also a snack shop called SEA Side Snack where you can taste yourself tasty hot-dogs to various quick bites, Ocean Bites serves some good desserts. Shop yourself some souvenirs from SEAA treasures and SEA Wonders where you can gift your loved ones some funky accessories and eco-friendly materials.

There is also a dedicated place for Wedding Photography and Birthday parties which can be celebrated in this aquarium so that these photos are etched in your memories.


Destination Singapore
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Destination Singapore
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