Rome’s Colosseum to be upgraded with a new-age retractable floor.

One of the most famous attractions in Rome, the Colosseum will be upgraded with a new-age retractable floor which is said to spread over 3000sqm. When this was inaugurated around 80AD, this floor was walked by the gladiators and was covered in sand. At once, this colosseum could seat up to 50000 people where they used to enjoy the fight between gladiators and animals, and this used to be a sport back then. Around the 15th Century AD was the last fight fought here and the old floor was removed for excavation work.

With this new renovation, there have been plans to cover the area base with retractable floor and the idea is to make it easy to cover the underground network in case of rain or any such condition. The new floor will be made from Steel and will be covered with wood to make it look like ancient flooring.

In the future, if there are any renovation plans, this floor would also be reversible. With this, the Colosseum would look very alluring and it can be used to host many art and theatre performances in the future.

It is estimated that the renovation work will be completed by 2023 and is expected to cost around $22.5 million.

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