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Robot Restaurant Show, Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is a city where you find events and activities happening all day long, one of the most popular and capital city of Island nation of Japan Tokyo leaves you spellbound with the number of attractions that the city offers. There are many things to do in Tokyo out of which one attraction which you should visit when you adventurous and wacky and that is the Robot Restaurant Show.

Located in Shinjuku a famous area in Kabuchiko they offer spectacular shows all day long. The Robot Restaurant is the brainchild of Namie Osawa. First opened in 2012, this place of attraction is visited by hundreds of visitors every day.  The performers of Robot Restaurant are dressed in attractive costumes. It is to be noted that the performers rehearse each day and it is thought and executed brilliantly.

The showtime is around 90 minutes where you would witness of various acts from dancers, robotic costume artists, drummers, warriors etc and there would be a short break between the shows. The entrance of the Robot Restaurant is all glitzy. Upon entering, you might notice giant robot chairs located where you can click a picture or two. And after checking in the restaurant you will notice how the restaurant is intricately decorated and filled with lightings from the LED.  All you can notice here is bright lights, mirrors and plush chair where you can enjoy karaoke sets and drink your favourite drink.

The robot performance will be held underground where you need to enter the basement, this is one of the kind experience where again you will notice bright lights and the show performed by stage actors. The seating arrangement is perfect where you can notice the show perfectly. The actors will play the show that has been rehearsed every day. It is one of the kind experience where some audience can get into a trance with all the lighting and stage performance.

You can purchase tickets directly from the website which costs around 8000 Yen (73$) or you can purchase third party tickets which can be found at a less price, you need to speak with the agent to make a booking. Or you can purchase directly at the showplace, however, the tickets sell out faster during holidays and peak travel period.  Daily shows are held at 17:55, 19:50 and 21:45 hrs and nearest railway station is Shinjuku Station.

Destination Japan Tokyo
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Destination Japan
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Destination Japan
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