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Rajdhani Aamlicious Festival

Rajdhani Thali one of fine dine veg restaurant that has been around 50 years serves some amazing Rajasthani and Gujrathi food. Their signature dish is Thali which is priced moderately and is served in adequate quantity. Present over 9 locations in Bangalore this is a go-to place for people on a budget and are high on appetite. Every customer are welcomed friendly in this restaurant which makes you feel like eating your dinner at home. They have authentic veg thali meals which keep changing daily where you taste different thali meals every day. As part of the ongoing Mango season, this hospitality chain has presented us with the Mango festival where every dish has been prepared with the fruit and has mango presence in it. Mango being king of fruits which makes every dish taste rich where your mouth will experience different flavour.

Macrotraveller was privileged to be the part of Aamlicious Festival. Upon entering the hotel we were served with Thandai (Beverage) such as Panch Phoron Kairi Panna and Kesari Aam Thandai which helped us beat the heat and add in fructose in our body. The Beverages tasted amazing which made us curious and excited to try the rest of the dishes prepared in Mango. Our mouth watered looking at the customary menu which was in the shape of a cut mango with the special dishes of the day.

Upon taking a seat we were served with Farsans. Farsan is a snack which is an important part of Gujarati, Rajasthani and Sindhi culture. As special for the occasion, farsan was prepared with mango as its main ingredient. We were served with Farsan like Mango Khandvi, Chatpata Aamras, Cheesy Aam Pizza Dhokla, Kaccha Aam Nu Muthiya, Aam Papad Samosa and Kachori. We were amazed that we can prepare these snacks with mango and it tasted absolutely delicious. We could not imagine the fusion of Pizza and Dholka dish prepared by Mango.

Upon having a quick taste of Farsan we were served with Chaats prepared with Mango such as Jodhpuri Mango Dal Dhokli, Aamras Khasta kachori Chaat, Bikaneri Palak Aamras Chaat, Kairi Bhakarwadi Chaat which made our taste buds explode with multiple flavours of Mango be it sweet, spicy, chatpata or khatta. These Chaats were prepared by sweet aam or sour aam which made us experience the different taste in different chaats.

By now we were full with the starters and Macrotraveller excitement was still the same to try out the main course dish presented to us. Main Course dishes never disappointed with its array of flavours and dishes served. Main course dishes were Ker Sangri Aamboliya, Goonda Kairi nu Saag, Rajasthani Kaju aur Aam Ki Sabzi which were served to us with Indian Bread. The combination was perfect that we had a feeling that we have had a scrumptious meal. We were spoilt with many options that we had to choose which dish to try out more as all the dishes served tasted absolutely delicious.

By now we were full with these dishes and Rajdhani Thali people were showing hospitality such that they tempted us to try out desserts prepared. The desserts were packed with flavour, we were served with Amrakhand and Aam Jalebi. Aam Jalebi took the crown as it was prepared with Mango slice dipped in Jalebi Batter and served with Rabdi. Once taken a bite, this Jhalebi melted like butter and the taste echoed inside our mouth.

Priced at `450 for lunch and `499 for dinner, Aamlicious Festival goes on till June. For hardcore mango lovers this is a treat for the season and you should not miss the dishes prepared here with its main ingredient ‘Mango’.

Rajdhani restaurant is decorated with traditional Gujarati/Rajasthani based architecture with subtle colours. The seating arrangement is spacious and there is no hurry if many guests arrive, the generous and well-trained staff adds up the ante where you won’t leave the restaurant fuming with no place to seat. Make sure to attend the festival before June and enjoy the scrumptious meal.

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