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Railways to charge extra for excess baggage

This comes as a bit of news as Indian railways will be charging extra for excess luggage. For decades, the railways were lenient on passenger luggage however, recently they made an announcement stating that strict luggage rules will be implemented.

The Ministry of Railways tweeted and advised people not to travel with excess baggage. “If the luggage is more then the enjoyment of the journey will be half! Do not travel by train carrying more luggage. In case of excess baggage, go to the parcel office and book the luggage.”

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As per the new rules, passengers travelling in Sleeper Class can carry luggage weighed around 40 kilograms, passengers travelling in second class can carry 35 KG weighed luggage whereas tourists travelling in AC first class can carry luggage weighed around 70 kilograms

All these limits can be increased by paying extra, just like the extra baggage charges by different airlines.

Reports also suggested that those found travelling with unbooked extra luggage will be charged 6 times the baggage rate, for eg: if anybody is travelling 500 km with excess baggage of 40 kg, they can book it in a luggage van by paying just INR 109. But, if they get caught with unbooked and excess luggage during the journey, they can attract a penalty of INR 654.

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