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Quebec calls for airport testing to check the spread of the new coronavirus during the holiday season

On Tuesday, the Canadian province of Quebec urged the federal government to require Covid-19 testing for residents returning to the country for a year-end vacation.

This comes after the fact that the images of maskless tourists frolicking the beaches have made the cases sore high and it spread virally in social media.

Canada’s travel restrictions are among the world’s toughest, with non-essential travelers generally denied entry, and citizens returning from abroad are mandated to quarantine.

But the second wave of coronavirus has led to calls for increased airport testing as hospitals have filled to near capacity in the country’s populous states.

Christian Dubé, Health minister of Quebec is asking vacationers returning to the province to be tested before departure and a strict 14-day quarantine after they return home. Both Quebec and Ontario government has asked the government for airport testing for international travelers.

“The federal government tells us about the implementation of these measures in early January,” said the health minister and he continued. “To us, this is not fast enough.”

This was told to the reporters after Christian Dubé spoke with Canadian Minister of Health Patty Hajdu.

Quebec has shuttered all non-essential businesses and limited restaurant services to take out only.

The public health agency in Canada said in a statement that the travel to the country is down to 90% at airports as compared to previous years and 2% of all known covid-19 cases in the country is said to have been from people who returned from other countries.

Canada has advised against any non-essential travel and will continue to see ‘science & evidence’ to check border control, the province of Alberta has been running a pilot program since November where they tested travelers returning to Calgary International Airport for Coronavirus.

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