Qatar Airways becomes the worlds first fully vaccinated flight

Qatar Airways has set a new record of operating the world’s first fully vaccinated flight and as per reports, QR 6421 flight carried all passengers who are fully vaccinated along with crew members who are all vaccinated against covid-19. The flight departed from Hamad International Airport and while onboard, the crew members demonstrated the highest standards of safety with the world’s first Zero Touch entertainment technology.

Reportedly, Qatar Airways operated separate flights using the most advanced sustainable aircraft, Airbus A350-1000 which is also said to be the airways Carbon Offset Environment Sustainability Programme.

Referring to the special flight, the Chief Executive of Qatar Group stated that the special flight demonstrates the next stage of recovery of International Flights which is not far away. He also mentioned that they are proud to be one of the first flights carrying fully vaccinated travelers providing a beacon of hope for future air travel.

The executive also said, As the vaccine rollout begins to gather pace worldwide, Qatar Airways remains committed to being the airline passengers and travel partners can rely on, operating one of the largest global networks to provide the connectivity needed to reunite families and friends and support global trade.’’

Qatar Airways is also one of the first middle eastern airlines to begin the trials of the new innovative IATA Travel pass digital passport mobile app and is also the world’s first global airline to achieve a prestigious 5* Covid-19 airline safety rating by the International Transport organization.

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