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Prankster – India’s First F&B Campus | #MacroTraveller

Missing college? Need some fun? Imagining of Bread Pakoda and Chai? Well, head to India’s first one of a kind F&B Campus “Prankster.” It’s the University of the Unconventional’s.

The crash course without classes, exams or rank. Prankster is one of the finest places in Sec 29 market, Gurugram that has plenty of cafes and pubs. This F&B campus will bring back your college memories, and you will surely recollect about the fun you had in college days.

I was invited to Prankster – India’s First Food & Brewery Campus. Inspired by college life, its Food Campus brings to you the University that is reminiscent of a good old time. The place is divided into class rooms, labs and canteen area to make it feel like one is on the college campus.

Interiors of Prankster!

It’s designed by Abhigyaan Neogi, Director at Chrome Design Studios. Prankster is themost innovative F&B Campus. They have precisely recreated the Foodie University which will offer the most exciting interiors that one can relate. One will witness here almost every highlight of a University. Prankster has a Library, Mixology Lab, Amphitheatre, Parking Lot, Class Room, Canteen, Lovers Point, and Hostel Room; if you are unhappy with anything, you may head to the Principal’s Room. Its 250-seater restaurant and is the biggest single floor restaurant in Gurgaon.

Food at Prankster!

Prankster brings in an entirely new cuisine to the Gourmet forefront. They take pride in introducing the new food cuisine – PROGRESSIVE NOSTALGIA. The dishes will either take you back to a state of Nostalgia or provide you with a modern twist. It will be a mix of nostalgic dishes presented in an entirely new form. The menu is extensive, only to incorporate all your favorite canteen meals and the drinks menu at Prankster boasts of a wide variety of Cocktails & Mocktails.

I had the whiskey based masala sour tea. For starters, I had the Nitro cooked Dahi Bhalla, Papdi which is an ice cream that has the exact flavor of Dahi Bhalla! Nitro Cooked Dahi Bhalla is the stuff made of foodie’s dreams. It tastes best when frozen, and you have to taste it to believe it. They also had the TT Lamb Chops which melts in the mouth with Kashmiri style onion lachchas. The Honey chili potato’s which had a mashed potato filling was unique in taste.

I tried Sambhar Cappuccino too. A thick soupy sambhar with coconut foam and Podi masala sprinkled over it to make it seem exactly like a cappuccino. For the sides, there are paper-thin baked Dosa wafers to munch along!

I also had Pao Bhaji Zinker. It’s perfect street style burger with a twist! It looks like vada pao, tastes like pao bhaji, and is cheesy like the burgers! The Rubik’s cube adds a touch of surprise with your burger hiding inside. Get down here to unleash your nostalgia. And yes ‘Zinker’ is for the crunchy crunch! Flaky Chicken Pizza – As flaky as it can get. All enjoyed the Indian version of Fattir (Egyptian Pizza). Topped with onion rings and is one of my favorite of all.

The bar at Prankster!

The bar is decked with the finest spirits from across the world, and the campus also serves fresh beer from the campus of live Micro Brewery. Prankster on the Bar front puts forward the most head shaking cocktails as well. Mixologists here are high on their Prank notes with cocktails, Get set to witness the unique and unexpected concoctions. Try these drinks – Breezer sangria, Garmi me thandi ka ehaaas, Pineapple therapy, Long island ice tea and Prankster funk.

There is wholesome variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. The prices are remarkably low. And the seating outside was fantastic. Believe it or not, you will find old Lamberrata scooters and rounded tables. A Chinese Van is also noticeable, and for a while, you may think you are in still in the college parking lot!

Overall my experience was enjoyable. I couldn’t have asked for more. The staff was friendly and quick. The staff was trained well to handle so many crowds as it was a weekend evening and the place was full. Still, they managed to bring the smile to our faces with quick service. The ambiance was so chill and relaxing. Presentation, as well as the quality of food, was taken care of. My recommendation – Must visit the place and not forget I loved the white wine sangria and apple cider beer.

Address: Prankster, 8-9-10, Sector 29 Main Market, Gurgaon | Phone: 0124-4266653/54 Cuisine: Modern Indian and Multi-Cuisine | Meal for Two: Rs 1500 | Alcohol: Yes | Credit Card: Yes | Microbrewery: Yes | Timings: 12 Noon to 12 Midnight


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