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Post-Covid era, India to concentrate on Domestic Tourism

Culture and Tourism Minister, Prahalad Patel on Thursday said that domestic tourism would be the mainstay of tourism in India post the Covid-19 period and thus some of the places are needed to be identified and highlighted thus increasing domestic tourism.

Speaking at an event, Mr. Patel is looking to promote medical tourism and geo-tourism where he said “Corona is almost over now and whatever damage it had to do has happened. During this period, our steps brought a lot of good name for the country. Even foreigners preferred to stay back here and felt safe. Now the post-corona situation is one where our system of medicine, local cure, and wellness methods are what could be best suited to deal with it. After corona, medical tourism is expected to rise and we must be prepared for this opportunity”. He further continued saying

“Domestic tourism is the future. Unexplored, unexploited destinations have to be identified and promoted. Also, people are now preferring to go to tiger projects and other serene places to be with nature and not just big hotels, who will continue to have their own importance and preference for international events, etc.”

Speaking at a similar event, Rupinder Brar the additional director general for the Ministry of Tourism said that domestic tourism grew during the periods of 2014 – 2019 and has the potential to grow further.

“Domestic tourism is now happening more organically as an organized vertical and has a lot of potentials. India’s natural heritage has been rated as the sixth greatest in the world by the World Economic Forum. In the post-Covid recovery, I would like to say that we truly are a blessed land. Having said that, we are not forgetting the global market too,” said the additional director.

Mr. Patel also concentrated on how India’s step against the Covid-19 pandemic has been appreciated around the world and has changed the perception of India and with this, he mentioned that “We need to look at what our role will be after the Covid pandemic is over and it is our responsibility that we meet our pre-Covid level position. The government is working on initiatives like a medical and wellness tourism board, guide training, skilling, and Dekho Apna Desh.”

Mr. Patel also continued saying “Every stakeholder, whether private or government, will be promoted if they are contributing to the tourism industry. The ministry is open to suggestions on how to improve things. Also, we are as much a stakeholder in the sector as everyone else and if the industry does well, we will too.” At a virtual event, Mr. Patel addressed the audience

Destination India
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Destination India
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