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Portugal to speed up visa approvals

Portugal is planning to speed up the visa issuance for immigrants, members of Portuguese-speaking countries, students and digital nomads to help tackle labour shortages and revive the economy.

The Ministry of parliamentary affairs Ana Catarina Mendes said that a new type of visa will be created is the work-seeker visa which allows entry into Portuguese territory for foreign nationals looking to work for up to 180 days.

“This diploma foresees the removal of bureaucratic barriers that prevented visas from being given quickly. New visas will be created, namely, visas for seeking work, quotas for those seeking work will be eliminated and therefore it will be easier to find work opportunities in Portugal,” and ‘No tax incentive is foreseen” said the minister.

Digital nomads will be granted a residency and temporary stay visa and the British citizens can access based on biometric data, despite the Brexit, all rights will be applicable said the minister.

Portugal has been facing labour shortages, especially in hospitality and tourism, one of the major drivers of the economy, but the minister declined to say how many people were expected to apply for visas.

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