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What picture comes to your mind when you hear the word The USA? Picturesque locations, Vegas, Disneyland, Statue of Liberty? Yes, you read it right, Statue of Liberty. The Statue is now synonymous with the USA and is located in Liberty Island which is near New York City. A visit to the East Coast of the USA is incomplete without visiting this Iconic Place.  The Copper Statue is a gift from France to the USA. The statue stands at the height of 93m from ground level and is one of the largest statues in the world.

The Statue of Liberty is a figure of Libertas, who is a roman goddess for Liberty. The figure holds a torch in her right hand and the left she carries taula ansata which has July IV MDCCLXXVI (July 4, 1776) which is said to be the date when US Declaration of Independence was signed. One leg separates from shackle which appears to be broken and is moving forward signifying abolition of slavery and declaring Independence.

The statue has been administered and maintained by National Park Service currently before it was maintained by United States Lightboard House and later by Department of War until 1993. The Statue holds the record as UNESCO World Heritage Site, U.S. National Monument, U.S National Register of Historic Places, New Jersey Register of Historic Places and New York City Landmark awarded in different years.

The Statue of Liberty was built by French Sculptor Auguste Bartholdi with help of Gustave Eiffel took 9 years to build. The work was then dismantled and sent to the USA where it was supposed to be assembled. It was delivered on July 4th and assembling the statue took another 4 months and finally, it was officially unveiled on October 28, 1886, which the ceremony was conducted and was presided over President Grover Cleaveland.  The Statue is made of 31tons of Copper e stand 125 tons of steel, initially, the colour of the statue was a dull brown colour and due to pollution and corrosion, you notice Blue Green shade of the statue.

Lady Liberty currently resides on Liberty Island located and is around 10-20minutes of ferry time from the city of New York.  Usually, tours conducted here also include Ellis Island and Liberty Island together, the distance between these 2 Islands is just 2.1 miles and takes 10 minutes over the ferry. You can also visit the Island via Staten Island ferry which ferries in passengers for free.  There are many guided tours available also there are audio tours where you can choose. The tour price starts from 18.5 USD to 28USD dependent on the type of tour chosen.  Here you can visit pedestal and crown of the statue.

The pedestal of the statue has around 215 steps which have details of how the Statue was built and has a torch exhibit which was the original torch that Lady Liberty used to hold. There are also other exhibits located here at the museum and is worth the visit to know the history and construction of the statue.  The Crown entrance is where you can enter the diadem. There are over 146 double helix staircase entrances and is different from climbing the pedestal as pedestal offers escalator services and entering the crown does not have this facility. People with health conditions and who are having vertigo effect are advised not to climb as they might hamper with your health and body.

The Statue of Liberty is open all day except on December, 25th and people need to purchase tickets if they plan to visit Crown and Pedestal. There is respective ticketing counter which provides both tickets. The Audio tour of the Liberty Island and statue is available at Information Centre and languages available are English, French, Italian and German.

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