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Thailand is one of the countries that is most visited in South East Asia (S.E.A) apart from Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam etc. This country has over a million tourists visiting every year and this makes up about 6-7% of the country’s economy.  Thailand officially called The Kingdom of Thailand has over 76 provinces where over 70million people stay. Bordered by Myanmar and Laos, Thailand is one of 21 most populated country and 50th largest country by area.

These 76 provinces are split into Northern Thailand, North-eastern Thailand, Central Thailand and Southern Thailand where you can differentiate based on historical background, culture, culture. Out of the 76 provinces, 17 provinces come under Northern Thailand and 20 come under North-eastern Thailand. Northern Thailand is booming at present as a tourist destination and people are visiting these provinces because of their nature and natural environment present. Nature is the main reason why people are visiting Northern Thailand. Hence now you can notice hearing names of North Thailand provinces such as Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Mae Hon Song, Lampang, Lamphun etc.

North Thailand is bordered by Laos and Myanmar and the main source of the river is the Salween in the west, the Mekong in the east. These rivers have basins namely Yom, Ping, Nan and Wang which are all tributaries of Chao Phraya River. Northern Thailand was once ruled by the Lanna Kingdom who had Chiang Mai as their capital city. Back in their ruling time, Chiang Mai was a beautiful city that it was described heaven on earth.  Geographically, North Thailand has mountains bordering Laos and Myanmar and these are river cut mountains hence, you can notice Mekong River flowing here connecting to Chao Phraya River in Thailand.

Northern Thailand as mentioned before is known for its connectivity to nature and hence you can notice over 60 national parks are present here, apart from national parks these provinces have beautiful waterfalls, canyons, caves and scenic landscapes which makes this place a perfect photographic destination.  Doi Phu Kha National Park in Nan Province is one of Northern Thailand’s largest parks.

Northern Thailand has a place which is called Chiang Saen which is dubbed as the oldest town/city in Thailand; this is located in Chiang Rai province.  Tourists should visit Northern Thailand so that they can explore local Thai cuisine, culture and habitats as it was many years ago and they also can know how Thailand prospered during the Lanna Kingdom, rise and fall of many kingdoms after Lanna rule etc.

Overseas tourists roam free on the Thai island of Phuket without quarantine.
Destination Thailand
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Destination Thailand
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