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Places to Visit & Things to do in Colombo | #MacroTraveller

Are you going to visit Sri Lanka and still do not know what to do? MacroTraveller makes you a list of the ten most important and exciting places to see in Colombo. Don’t miss any!

Mosques, markets, museums, and walks, are many attractions of the capital of Sri Lanka that make it essential to visit at least a couple of days. Touring the streets of Colombo, you can discover the quiet and at the same time the chaotic essence of a typical Sri Lankan city.

The 10 must see in Colombo | MacroTraveller

1) Galle Face GreenThe seafront with more life and movement of the capital is Galle Face Green, a long esplanade of grass that has the honor of being the largest urban park in the country. There you can enjoy an incredible sunrise, eat a delicious snack or just relax as most of the city’s inhabitants do.

2) Pettah MarketAnything you need can be found in the Pettah Market, the number of shops and alleys is so large that the market covers a whole neighborhood. Discover local products, spices, clothing and all kinds of souvenirs in this market.

3) National MuseumIf you want to know all the history that has made Sri Lanka be as it is, as well as all its past and artistic present, do not forget to visit the National Museum, where we can learn in depth the country’s relationship with trade, art, and culture along with religions.

4) Monument to the IndependenceIndependence Memorial Hall, this monument commemorates the time when Sri Lanka gained independence from the British in February 1948.

5) The temple of GangaramayaOne of the most important Buddhist temples in all of Sri Lanka, the Gangaramaya temple is built on an island that is connected to the mainland by a wooden bridge.

6) Cinnamon Gardens

One of the most exclusive neighborhoods to see in Colombo! It contains the vast park of Viharamahadevi, as well as the embassies and official buildings of the capital.

7) Jami Ul-Alfar MosqueBuilt in 1909, the Jami Ul-Alfar mosque is the most important in the city and one of the most recognizable buildings thanks to its red color. Although it is open to the public, do not forget that it is a place of worship and it is necessary to visit it with the highest respect for the faithful, especially in times of prayer.

8) Nelum Pokuna TheaterWith an impressive architecture and design, the Nelum Pokuna Theater in Colombo – inaugurated in 2011 – impresses thanks to its modernism and lighting, as well as the quality of the works depicted in it.

9) Ministry of Crab Restaurant

Considered one of the best restaurants in Sri Lanka, the Ministry of Crab combines the best of the country’s gastronomy with the constant innovation and renewal of its dishes. As its name suggests, this restaurant is an authentic tribute to the local crab, around which all the dishes of its menu revolve.

10) Colombo Lighthouse

Another attraction to see in Colombo is its beautiful lighthouse from the colonial era that marks the beginning of its beautiful beach. If you can visit it at sunset to be able to contemplate the dramatic fall of the sun from this place.

These are my 10 places to see in Colombo, and do you know any other sites? Please comment below!

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