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Shirdi is the tourist destination that everyone visits to offer their prayers and wish for good health etc by visitors for the whole year. However, have you wondered that there are many not so visited places near to Shridi that one can visit on a short tour when you land in the religious place. #macrotraveller recommends some of the nearby tourist destinations which you can visit on a short day trip

  • Shani Shingnapur: One of the interesting villages in the Indian state of Maharashtra, Shani Shingnapur is located around 58KMs from Shirdi. The town people worship Lord Shani who is believed to be residing in Black stone till date. Why this is an interesting village is because the people here trust Lord Shani so much that they do not have locks on their doors and they believe Lord Shani is protecting their valuables from the thieves.

This is a quaint little town however it will be busy on Saturdays, New Moon and Shri Shaneschar Jayanti. A visit to this town will help you know how the people are in total belief of the Lord protecting them.

  • Wet n Joy Water park: Image Credits :
    Although the town of Shridi is known for its religious site, there is an adventure park located just 5 Km away from Shirdi called Wet n Joy water park. A visit to this park during the hot summer season is such a relief. The park has around 6 water rides and other activities such as Wave Pool, Rain dance etc that brings you fun while enjoying the activities here. The water park is moderately priced around Rs700 for adults, Rs350 for senior citizens and Rs400 for children which makes it a must-visit on your visit to Shirdi.
  • Sai Teerth: Sai Teerth Theme Park is one of the world’s 1st Spiritual Theme Park. It is situated in the town of Shirdi and nearby to Wet n Joy Water Park and is dedicated to Saint Sai Baba. With an amalgamation of spirituality, devotion, technology and entertainment Malpani Group built this theme park where visitors to the holy town can enjoy entertainment with gaining knowledge of Saint Sai Baba. There are 4 custom-built and world-class themed attractions which one can visit which will amaze the visitors with its grandeur, innovation etc. You need to purchase tickets before entering the theme area and it is priced moderately at 399Rs per adult and Rs299 for the child.
  • Sai Heritage Village:Image Credits :
    Sai Heritage Village in Shirdi shows the beauty and nature blessings on Sai Baba. You can notice statues present here which tells us stories about how Saint Sai Baba has helped his followers and believers. Visiting this village people get to know why Sai Baba is still worshipped by his followers and believers and the statues make you feel that you are a part of worshippers whom Baba believed in during his lifetime.
  • Lendi Baug:Image Credits :
    Lendi Baug is an iconic Garden located near Shirdi where it is said that Sai Baba enjoyed his solitude here. It has a colourful garden which the families can enjoy and also it is the place flower enthusiasts can enjoy. It has attractive tombs and a burning lamp placed between 2 trees which were lit by Sai Baba. One of the highlights of Lendi Baug is the water fountain which is built at the centre. Admission to the garden is free and one can enjoy peace and serenity at the garden.
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Visit to Sai Teerth Theme Park, Shirdi
India Maharashtra Shirdi
How to plan your Trip to Shirdi
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India Maharashtra Shirdi
How to plan your Trip to Shirdi
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