Destination Turkey

Places to visit in Turkey

Turkey is a vast country which when you explore will get to know more. You might have seen my blogs written when I visited Turkey, however you can explore some more places in Turkey which has its hidden share of treasures.

  • Pamukkale Thermal Hot Springs.One of the must-visit places in Turkey is the Pamukkale Hot Springs. It is a terrace pool which is filled with mineral waters which gives you the views of being dreamy and heaven-like. The mineral-laden water in white-coloured hills. Spend your time here relaxing in the unique spring waters and also you can explore the town of Hierapolis which is located near to Pamukkale Region.

Pamukkale is recognised as a World Heritage Site, however, due to a lot of tourists visiting this region some places have been destroyed with tourist footfalls, hence now only some regions of Pamukkale can be visited under guidance.

  • Valley of LoveLocated near to the famous city of Cappadocia, Valley of Love is a short 15-minute ride from here where you can hike through the Valley which has some of the best rock formations and flowers that dot the pathways. 

You can enjoy a short day trip and join other hikers along the valley which you would not regret as this is one of the photographic locations near Cappadocia.

  • Derinkuyu
    Located near to Cappadocia, Derinkuyu is the place where it is famous for Cave dwellings. One of the unique places to visit, this was once a dwelling used by Christian settlements to avoid persecution. 

Derinkuyu was discovered in the year 1963 and it is large enough to hold over 20,000 people along with livestock. Tourists can now wander the large cave dwellings which are vast and also experience the history.

  • EphesusEphesus is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Turkey which was once a bustling trade centre. This place is visited by tourists all year round where they can learn more about the history of Turkey, along with it Ephesus also has a hint of Greek and Roman histories attached. 

One of the most famous landmarks here is the Temple of Artemis which is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, along with the temple other structures like Library of Celsus, Temple of Hadrian and a theatre capable of seating 25,000 people were found here.

You can explore the streets and discover ancient ruins of temples, libraries, theatre, house and statues here.

  • Patara
  • Patara is one of the places where you can explore the quiet Mediterranean coastline. The coastline lines around 18km in length which offers a beautiful view of the water and sunsets.

In addition, you can also explore the ancient city which includes restored bouleuterion, a theatre capable of holding 5,000 people etc.
This place is filled with fun, sand and you can swim the waters lining this beach town.

Destination Turkey
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Destination Turkey
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