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Places to visit in Memphis, Sakkara in Egypt

Memphis now a ruined town was once a capital of Egypt, it is located around 20km from the present capital city, Cairo. According to a legend, the city of Memphis was founded by Pharoah Menes who was one of the first Pharaohs and was the capital city of ancient Egypt which remained an important trade route throughout the ancient history of Egypt. During the golden era in Egyptian history, Memphis thrived with its trade, commerce and religion.


The city of Memphis went under the downfall due to its loss in economic significance and following the rise of Alexandria, there was less economy and trade at Memphis which in turn led to the severe downfall. Upon visiting we can still see the ruins which suggest how the capital thrived during history.

Memphis in Egypt is known for its old-world structures where you can notice many temples which were once constructed, however, some temples are in ruins now but you can still visit to know the history of them.

Greater Temple of Ptah: The temple is dedicated to the God of Ptah and this is one of the largest and important temples in Memphis. Not many details about the history of the great temple is known as not many books or scripts were written, however when the archaeologists unearthed the temple premises they found a huge wall of temple premises. Some of the archaeological finds are kept at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

  • Temple of Ptah, Rameses II: Adjoining to the Greater Temple is the Temple dedicated to Rameses II. It is believed that Rameses II was the believer of one of 3 state gods Amun, the ruler of Heliopolis. The ruins of the temple were discovered in 1955 where the excavations uncovered a courtyard, tower, portico with a column, pillared hall etc.
  • Temple of Hathor: This is a small temple dedicated to goddess Hathor, Lady of Sycamore. Although it is believed a great temple is dedicated to Goddess the temple has not been discovered yet. They say that the shrine of Goddess Hathor was primarily used for processional purpose during religious festivals.
  • Statue of Rameses II: Found in the ruins of the ancient temple is the statue of Pharoah Rameses II. It is a giant statue around 10m in length and was found in the year 1820, however, we notice that the base and the feet of the statue is broken off hence the statue is kept in sleeping position. The intricate details of the pharaoh in the statue is what makes it a must-visit place.
  • Sakkara: Sakkara or Saqqara is a vast, ancient burial ground for the city of Memphis, it has various pyramids including the famous Djoser which was recently opened after 14 years of restoration. Located 30km south of Cairo, Djoser Pyramid is made up of 6 mastabas stacked on top of each other. The pyramid was designed by architect Imhotep, who was the vizier of Djoser. The pyramid includes a 28-meter deep burial for the pharaoh who is said to have ruled Egypt for over 2 decades.
  • Royal Palaces: Being a capital of Old Egypt, Memphis had seen pharaohs of over 8 dynasties and there are many Royal Palaces which include the first royal palace founded by Hor-Aha. It is said that many royal palaces were built underneath the royal pyramids and had parks and lakes.
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