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Places to visit in Mauritius

Mauritius is a well-known travel destination situated on the Indian Ocean and near to the continent of Africa. It is visited by many tourists due to its nature, flora, fauna and some of the best beaches where you can sit back and relax to the waves of the ocean. Topping that for Indians, it is nearby and has an easy visa process which settles down as the quick destination for Indian’s to visit the island nation of Mauritius. Being the cluster of islands, there are many places to visit during your trip to Mauritius, we note down some of them which should not be missed while you are exploring the nation.

  • Chamarel Colored Earth: A must visit place in Mauritius, Chamarel is a small village and a major tourist attraction spot in the south-west region of Mauritius. The speciality of this region is the unbelievable sand dunes which are noticeable in different colours such as yellow, red, brown, violet, purple, green and even blue. This is a natural phenomenon which you can notice when you climb the observation outpost. You can collect these coloured sands in a test-tube which you can bring it back as a souvenir.  You can also visit the Chamarel Waterfall which is located on the way to the village and explore the scenic and natural beauty of the South-east town in Mauritius.
  • Le-Morne: A symbolic place in the history of Mauritius, Le-Morne is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This was the place where the slaves would hide while trying to escape and this is the place that commemorates the struggle against slavery. This place has a history, hence if you are interested you can visit this peninsula.
  • Rodrigues: Known as the jewel in the crown of Mascarne Island, Rodrigues is a flight away from Mauritius and is one of off-beat travel destination where you can find calmness. This is a mountainous Island which has beautiful lagoons where you can notice clear blue waters splashing the rocks of the Island.
  • Grand Bassin: One of the important pilgrimage sites in Mauritius, Grand Bassin is also called as Ganga Talao is a natural lake in an extinct volcano crater. It is said that the waters here are sourced from the Ganga River which makes it sacred and taking a dip here on the auspicious festival of Shivratri will bring you goodness in your life. Nearby to the Bassin, you can notice a tall statue of Lord Shiva which is the second-largest statue in the world. If you are a photographic enthusiast, climb on top of the hill where you can enjoy magnificent views along with forest, lake, volcano and temple.
  • Rochester Falls:
    Located south of Mauritius on the Savanne River, Rochester Falls is formed by years and years of erosion of rocks which makes them appear like blocks of rocks glued together. It is of the height around 10m and a beautiful view where you can notice milky white water gushing down from the rocks and landing on the clear pool below. It is an interesting place to visit for a picnic and a good place for photo enthusiasts as you can notice greenery around the falls.
  • Trou aux Cerfs: Trou aux Cerfs is a dormant volcano located in Curepipe where experts believe that it might become active in coming years. It is one of the major tourist attraction and a major photographic place where you can notice a 360-degree view of the volcanic region and its surrounding villages.

Mauritius is known for its beaches and some of the amazing beaches which you can visit are La Cuvette Beach, Peyerbere Beach, Ilot Gabriel Beach, Tamarin Beach, Le-Morne Beach, Blue Bay, Ile Plate Beach, and Trou d’Argent Beach etc.

Explore the island nation and come back with happy memories and souvenirs when you visit the beautiful Islands of Mauritius.

Destination Mauritius
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Destination Mauritius
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Destination Mauritius
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Destination Mauritius
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