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Places to visit in Egypt

Egypt officially called the Arab Republic of Egypt is a country situated in the Northeast corner of Africa. It is one of the countries which have one of the rich civilizations dating back several centuries and it dates back to 6th – 4th Millennial BC. The place of Egypt is considered as a cradle of civilization it has some of the earliest developments writing, agriculture, urbanisation, organised religion and central government.

It has seen various powers ranging from the Ottoman Empire to the British Empire, however, modern Egypt rule starts from 1922 when it gained independence from the British Empire. Now people visit Egypt to check out its history, civilizations, archaeological finds etc.

Here are some places which you can visit once you are planning your visit to Egypt

  • Great Sphinx of Giza

One of the most iconic tourist locations the Great Sphinx of Giza is recognized everywhere where you might have noticed in movies, travel articles, history books etc. This giant limestone structure depicts a sphinx, a legendary creature that is part human and part lion, although it has suffered erosion from wind for many years, the original structure can still be visible clearly and a trip to Egypt is not complete with a visit to Great Sphinx

  • Karnakis one of the largest temples situated on the East Banks of Thebes River. Karnak is home to shrines of Theban gods like Amun, Mut, Montu etc where you can notice the statues and shrines located here. Many of shrines of Egyptian Pharaoh’s are also erected here. Once you enter you will notice bundles of papyrus, the maze-like structure which provides insights into Egyptian culture. Many archaeologists have been digging and finding many structures still. 
  • Mummification Museumof the famous feature of Egypt is Mummy’s which you would have read, heard somewhere. So why not visit Egypt and not visit the museum of mummification. Visitors in Luxor City can visit the mummification museum where they will show the mummified human and animal bodies. The mummification is the process of preserving the dead with removing the internal organs and wrapping up the body in a linen cloth. This helps the mummy to stay for a longer time, the mummification process has allowed scientists and historians to know more about culture and how they used to preserve the mummy without them getting decomposed.
  • Luxor Museum and templeLuxor Museum is located at the banks of Nile River; the museum displays many arts and artefacts of ancient Thebes. You will find statues, arts, pharoaic art and royal mummies where one of the mummy is believed to be of Ramses I. If you are a history buff and you love to know more about ancient civilizations, culture, arts etc then this is the perfect place to be. You would find a dedicated place for statues discovered in temple premises. The temple is open from 09:00hrs and closing time depends on the season. The Luxor Temple is located in the city centre and easily recognisable with colossal statues and tall stone walls. It is said to have constructed around 1500 BC making this one of the oldest temples. The temple is known for its obelisk where one of the obelisks is present in Place de la Concorde in Paris. However, tourists can still witness twin obelisk that graces the Luxor Temple. Apart from this you can also walk among giant statues of human-headed sphinxes, an 11th-century mosque and experience the rich culture of Thebes when you explore the temple and museum. 

5) Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens

The Valley of the Kings is a rock-cut to serve as a tomb for Egyptian pharaohs. The site was used as the final resting place for over 500 years from 1150-1070 BC and it is resting place for many famous pharaohs from Ramses line and Tutankhamen. The location is located a little far however it is worth a visit, the tombs of the pharaohs are shown to visitors on a rotative basis so that the pharaohs can be restored. Similar to Valley of Kings, the Valley of Queens is located in desert regions and is said to have around 90 such tombs. The Valley of Queens is said to have tombs of various princes, high profile, societal and political persons. The valley houses of the tomb of Queen Nefertari. The valley of Queens is also said to have tombs of animals that accompanied the royal family. Both the Valley of Kings and Queens are worth a visit, please make sure you take your day off for visiting as they are located quite far from the main city.

Destination Egypt
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Destination Egypt
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