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Penghu International Ocean Fireworks Festival | #MacroTraveller

Since 2003, the year the Penghu Ocean Fireworks Festival was held for the first time. This festival has become a tradition in Penghu over the last decade. A splendid view at night that everybody eagerly awaits at Penghu in the summer and is one of the main reasons that visitors choose to stop by Penghu in the summer.

The festival usually occurs between mid-April until end of June, with fireworks displays happening every Monday and Thursday night at 9 PM, though if you are lucky you may come across an added show that private companies often sponsor. This firework event has been part of the entertainment calendar since 2003 and continues to entertain both locals and visitors alike in and around Taiwan as well as bringing much-needed funding to the local economy. This year’s festival will be grander than any of the previous years with the air drills and religious processions.


Now in its 15th year, the Penghu Ocean Fireworks Festival continues to awe festival-goers time after time. Watch as hundreds of fireworks light up the night sky above the iconic Rainbow Bridge! Each fireworks display lasts at least 15 minutes and is quite honestly one of the best fireworks shows I have ever seen, surpassing any at Disney resorts, the NYE fireworks, any beach fireworks I’ve seen. The pre-show music, dance, and small stalls of food are very fair, but it’s wise to show up at the beachside venue early to grab a right spot. I would recommend you stand or sit near the temple by the main stage to get a full view of the fireworks, holding right by the water is too close to the fireworks. The fireworks themselves are designed by teams from various countries spanning multiple continents.


Lucky to be first bloggers in the world to be part of Penghu Fireworks Festival, this was amazing! The summer-sky in Penghu looked at us in all its glory!! The stories it told us were green, yellow, crimson and golden. And we stood still! The bridge in Magong, Penghu island is the backdrop of 2018 Penghu International firework festival that starts on April 19 till June 21 featuring 23 fireworks display.

Revealing the many colorful secrets, this is Penghu Ocean Fireworks Festival 2018. One of your reasons to explore #AsiasBestKeptSecret Taiwan.




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