One of the most renowned brands known for offering top class skewers and barbeques in India is Barbeque Nation,which is known for innovation and offering new variants of barbeques and have gone an step ahead and partnered with UK’s Curry King Pat Chapman for a whole new Barbeque experience during Festive October across the country. Pat Chapman’s effervescent 14 new marinades is introduced across the country and mark the entry of a completely new genre of barbequed food.


Patrick Lawrence Chapman(born 20 December 1940) is an English food writer, broadcaster and author, best known for founding The Curry Club.He is also known as‘The Ambassador of Indian Food’ and the ‘Curry Leader’ by renowned food reviewers in Britain, has also been credited by Daily Mail for ‘Baltifying Britain’ for his bestseller cookbook – the first among 36 recipe books penned down by him with cumulative sales topping 1.5 million copies. Pat was a regular guest chef on the QE2, the leading luxury liner, for many seasons, and the Hilton and the Taj.


During the festive month of October, Pat Chapman’s marinades promises to give a taste of grills to Indian customers as they are savored around the country. Barbeque Nation is a pioneer in India to promote ‘DIY’ (do-it-yourself) cuisine with a concept of live on-the-table grill in India…

For the ‘Pat Chapman Grills The World’ Food Fest, 14 new marinades from Chef Chapman’s amazing repertoire will be part of barbeque nation. From the British Isles come the Yorkshire Marinade, Worcestershire Marinade and the Spanish Valencia Marinade. Pat Chapman’s recipe from the Middle East comprises the Lebanon – Arabian Marinade and Persian Marinade. He whips up a fiery bunch of marinades from the Americas with the hot American Texican Marinade, Albuquerque Atomic Marinade, New Orleans Incendiary Marinade, Aztec – Mole Poblano Marinade and the Jamaican Jerk Marinade. From Australasia comes the Outback Emu while Pat’s delectable Far East marinades include the Mighty Hot Mai Thai, Chinese Sichuan and Indonesian Bumbu kacang recipes.



If you are a food lover and want to try out some exotic food,just head out to Barbeque Nation.Pat Chapman was in person at the Indiranagar Outlet of Barbeque Nation during his road show across India promoting his 14 Barbeque marinates.Pat Chapman was kind enough to do have a cook off and show off how to do a perfect marinate to the barbeque.


Vikram Varma, Head – Marketing, Barbeque Nation adds, “Customers today seek the thrill of deriving maximum pleasure for their taste-buds. Chef Pat Chapman is a great ambassador for what Barbeque Nation seeks to achieve for Indian food lovers: entertain, delight and enthrall our guests with gastronomical encounters of another kind. We believe that Barbeque Nation is not only an engaging experience, it is also a food adventure and we are pleased to yet again add to the richness of the experience of dining with us.”

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