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Paris is now home to the world’s first cinema hotel

Paris is now home to a 36-room cinema hotel which is one of its kind in the world and an ode to cinemaholics around the world. The cinema hotel is called Hotel Paradiso which is located in Paris offers its guests a cinema-viewing experience almost everywhere in the hotel which includes private screening spaces as well as a roof terrace that has an open-air cinema.

One can get stunning views of the city as well when they sit on the terrace. The suites here are fitted with a private screening experience which is what every movie lover needs and movie lovers will go gaga looking at the interiors.

Guests at Hotel Paradiso get unlimited access to thousands of films including a DVD library that has over 2000 films. The library boasts some quality movies from around the world.

The hotel has been started by 2 brothers who say that the hotel is an homage to the ’60s. They say that hotels play a significant role in a lot of movies thus the concept. Speaking about the hotel one of the brothers said, “It’s a way to tell foreigners this is the real Parisian way of living — come to the East and see all the artists. See the lifestyle when you are interested in culture and cinema… Paris is the worldwide capital city of cinema. And there was no way of feeling and living the cinema experience until now.”

Paradiso is also connected to a six-screen theatre and some of the rooms have a movie screener near to bathtubs which one can view.

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