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Osaka Castle and Museum in Japan

Osaka Castle is one of the tourist attraction places in Osaka, Japan. One of the most important landmarks in Japan, Osaka castle has played a major role in the unification of Japan. It was built byToyotomi Hideyoshi in the year 1583 and was in use from 1583-1845.

The castle was started in 1583 by Toyotomi Hideyoshi who wanted to build a greater castle that Azuchi Castle which was the headquarters of Oda Nobunga. The construction was started on the site of Ikko-Ikki temple and had a plan of the five-storey main tower, three underground storeys and they also included gold leaf on the sides of the towers which would make the visitors awestruck.

However, a year after the castle was constructed Toyotomi Hideyoshi died and the same was inherited to his son Toyotomi Hideyori. Later the castle has seen many wars, battles, natural disasters. It was last affected during World War II and the same was restored in the year 1997. The current castle which you notice is the reconstructed version however they have included a museum in the reconstructed version.

There is an observation deck situated on the top floor of the castle, where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Osaka Castle garden and the modern high rise buildings, at a distance even the mountains are visible.

You can explore the castle which costs 6US$ per individual when you visit you should not miss visiting The Main tower of the castle which in the year 1997 was recognized as Registered Tangible Cultural Property by the national government. It symbolizes the castle which is beautifully decorated with many inventive techniques. The main tower was constructed in the year 1585 which Hideyoshi Toyotomi was proud of and he invited many lords and Europeans to check out the main tower for its beauty. However, after reconstruction happened they are made from a steel-framed concrete structure which still holds the appearance of what Hideyoshi Toyotomi had built. In 1997, the same was recognized as Registered Tangible Cultural Property by the national government.

Osaka Castle also has a museum where you can get to notice many historic materials on display from the Azuchi-Momoyama period. They are all housed at the Castle Main tower where you get to notice over 10,000 collections which the museum is proud to showcase which are some of the greatest finds from the country. You can get to view armour and weapons such as swords, folding screens illustrating the wars and battles, gorgeous furnishings and goods in makie style lacquer, and portraits and letters written by Hideyoshi Toyotomi and other warlords.

Osaka Castle Museum has a wide variety of artefacts on display, the diorama situated in 7th floor has 19 scenes from Hideyoshi Toyotomi which is created with the latest technology. In the 5th floor, you can get to notice small miniature figures with panoramic scenes which depict War of Osaka. There is a show that plays here which depicts the war and series of Hideyoshi Toyotomi in the first floor with English, Chinese, Korean subtitles and it is very informative.

One of the much loved to do a thing here in Osaka castle is to try helmet, surcoat and kosode kimono which is charged at 6US$ per time and get the photographs taken.

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