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The OPPO once present with the OPPO F7, a mid-class device with a 25MP high-front camera. It features a stylish design through the finish of the glass at the rear, besides offering a built-in front door. It is a balanced device, with the presence of premium mid-grade chip MediaTek Helio P60, 4GB memory RAM, camera capability with AI, with 3400 mAh battery capacity. OPPO has now come up with its replacement model, through the OPPO F9.

OPPO F9 comes with almost identical specifications but improves in terms of builds, amount of RAM, rear camera capability, battery, and fast charging support. It is still generated with the same chip as OPPO F7, but its memory is now upgraded to 6GB of RAM. Rear camera capabilities are also present with a dual-camera system, to further enhance the quality of bokeh production at the back of the subject. It also has a larger battery capacity of 3500 mAh and becomes the first OPPO F series device that has VOOC fast charging support.

Design & Hardware

The OPPO F9 comes with an extra level of the display with a waterdrop screen, and the color scheme of the back cover is artfully patterned with floral motifs. Catch the eye Especially when light hits. Natural shades inspired each of the OPPO color schemes used in the F9. Red indicates the brightness of the sun. The blue is the color of the sky during sunset twilight. Finally, the bright, sparkling night sky was born with the inspiration of the starry night sky.

The back of the flower petals in the layer. It shows the beauty by shining a different view when the sun reflects. Or neon light in addition to the color of the edge of the machine, the OPPO F9 has a unique design. As the first smartphone in the smartphone market with the entire color shade. Impress your feelings at once.

Comes with an IPS display with a bright, large, 6.3-inch display at FHD + 2340 x 1080 pixels in 19.5:9 aspect ratio. The OPPO F9 also features a notch design or drop-shaped design. The first of the smartphone market, resulting in the OPPO F9 has a display ratio of 90.8% of the body ever, so the left and right edge of the screen to only 1.7 mm. The results can be viewed.

Speakers are at the top. Designed to blend in with the edge of the machine correctly. For the camera and the sensor layout layered inside the notch. The display area is large. All the applications are perfect. And another thing that catches the OPPO F9 is the film from the factory. The user does not have to worry about finding a problematic movie because the design is different from other smartphones on the market.

On the back, it presents a horizontal dual-camera 16MP + 2MP system, as seen on OPPO R15 devices. At the back of it, it also brings fingerprint scanners, which are seen to be able to unlock the device in no time. The device also has facial scan support, with a very fast response when it comes to unlocking devices. This face-to-face performance is almost like the OnePlus six device, depending on the use of the front camera to make this function work.

On the front, it has now featured a subtle notched design, with the appearance of a drop of water. This notch design brings a 25MP f / 2.0 front fuselage, besides bringing the earpiece to the top of the front camera. For its screen, it comes in 6.3-inch size with Full HD + resolution, through the LCD panel LTPS. The quality is outstanding, giving a pleasing color contrast with a wide viewing angle for viewing from different angles.

One of the highlights of the OPPO F9 is that it provides a slot for the SIM card slot. It can be used with two SIM cards, as well as an external memory slot. MicroSD Card, which is an advantage over the conventional tray. Popular in this smartphone.

Software & Feature 

The OPPO F9 comes with Android 8.1, with the latest version of ColorOS 5.2. The User Interface does not change from a smartphone in the series. OPPO smartphone before it is familiar as well. The new user does not need to adapt, because the UX / UI of ColorOS 5.2 is designed to be used as capital. With a large screen to support 6.3 inches with the design of the notch in the shape of the drop, so the OPPO F9 has a display area to 90.8% of the body to the left and the left side of the screen. Right, it’s only 1.7 mm thick, resulting in more content like Youtube or Netflix.

Like most devices with other full-screen designs, ColorOS 5.2 comes with Full-Screen Gesture controls, with device controls like the iPhone X. To use it, you have to quickly slide it over to the main screen view, or scroll up and hold on for a while to display a multi-task view. Experience using it feels like using the iPhone X, with smooth gesture operation. It is not inactivity built-in, but you can take full advantage of this full screen by enabling this function.

The OPPO F9 is still generated with premium mid-grade chip from MediaTek like OPPO F7, via the Helio P60 chip with 6GB RAM. This chip features an eight-core chip design, featuring 4 x Cortex-A73 2.0 GHz (for powerful cores), 4 x Cortex-A53 2.0 GHz (for efficient core), along with the match of the three-core Mali-G72 MP3 GPU. When tested on benchmark applications such as AnTuTu Benchmark, the device manages to gain around 137,333 points, while providing equivalent readings with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 chip.


OPPO F9 is powered by a dual-camera system, through the presence of a 16MP f / 1.8 sensor with a 2MP f / 2.4-second sensor for Portrait Mode capability. It also features LED lighting for nightmare support but does not feature any optical image stabilization (OIS) such as ASUS ZenFone 5. It features electronic image stabilization support (EIS), to help reduce the impact of vibration especially for video recording.

For real-world use, its depiction looks similar to the OPPO F7, giving bright results even when used in low lighting situations. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) aperture of f / 1.8 helps here, which reduces the noise in dark areas in the picture. The overall shooting also provides sharp image precision when receiving enough lighting, as well as giving a stunning color to be seen. But with the use of the dual-camera system, it has improved the performance of the bokeh on portraiture of Portrait Mode, rather than relying entirely on AI technology on OPPO F7. It is now able to provide a fuzzier release, especially when examined on the side of the subject.

Front camera with 25MP f / 2.0 sensor also still gives the same quality as OPPO F7, with its excellent product for everyday use. It often provides a sharp enough face detail, especially when the face enhancement function is turned off completely. You will be able to see the effects of scarring on the face very clearly, but skin color is still described although no facial enhancement function is activated. It also has a Portrait Mode function, to allow the blurred effect to the back of the face.

Regarding functionality, OPPO F9 maintains many controls present in OPPO F7, such as Portrait Mode support, Expert Mode (Manual Control), Time-lapse, Slow-MO, and Panorama. But on OPPO F9, it comes with added functionality, such as AR Stickers that let you attach stickers to the face it will follow your movements in the form of exciting animations. It also comes with Vivid Mode video support, further enhancing color contrast on recording, for more engaging content to be shared on social media.

Summary of OPPO F9 – Camera!

OPPO F9 still performs well in front of a camera. And it also comes with new features that make cell phone fun and get better results than ever. The camera is doing well. Whether in normal light conditions or low light. Especially the white balance is impressive, including the Portrait Mode of the intelligent AI with the background can be blurred. The details of the various edges of the individual as well as the small hair-like very smooth eyes.


OPPO F9 has an enhanced battery capacity, via a 3500 mAh battery capacity compared to 3400 mAh on OPPO F7. With the use of 12nm chips via MediaTek Helio P60, it is seen to be capable of providing long-term device usage through efficient chip builds.

With the capacity of 3500 mAh and 12nm chip matching, the OPPO F9 is capable of recording excellent Screen-on-Time (SoT) time, via SoT readings around 6 hours 41 minutes for all-day use. The device is also equipped with charging function VOOC of the OPPO own, which is capable of charging the device is around 1 hour 19 minutes from 0-100%.


Overall, the OPPO F9 has excellent deals like OPPO F7 but is now enhanced with a number of exciting functions. It now features an attractive curved design, comes with a downside-down design, offering 6GB RAM, with a dual-camera system with EIS support. It also now features larger battery capacity, as well as presenting VOOC charging functionality that turns out to be very powerful to shorten the charging time of the device.

But the lack of this device is that it does not feature stereo speakers as seen on ASUS ZenFone 5, as well as still maintaining micro USB-based connections. It is also not equipped with NFC, as well as maintaining plastic-based builds such as the OPPO F7.





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