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OPPO F5 – Blue Edition Review | #MTTech

Chinese smartphone giant Oppo has gained its identity by designing handsets that highlight its selfie-capturing skills and mid-range pricing. Oppo recently released their latest smartphone, Oppo F5.

This new Oppo F5 offers us a six-inch screen in the popular 18: 9 format. It also adds a 20-megapixel front camera powered by artificial intelligence for beauty mode and a very powerful facial recognition that will also help us to unlock the device, very iPhone-like.


Oppo F5 has a sleek design with a bezel-less alias minimal frame that is now a trend in smartphone design. The minimal design of this frame feels more modern and beautiful views, and the screen so much more relieved. Although the screen size of 6 inches, when held, this shape body feels comfortable and feels compact. It turns out the secret is in the design that elongates (wide) with a minimal frame screen Full HD and ratio 18:9. Body material at a glance looks like metal.
It is worth noting that this is not the flagship of Oppo, but one of its most innovative mid-range premium devices. Its price as we will see will also be in that line.



The screen size of 6 inches, with Full HD resolution and 18: 9 ratio is comfortable to see. Display screen looks to meet the front side because the extent reaches 84.2 percent of the entire body. The display screen is very bright and sharp, with brilliant colors. The brightness of the screen can be set very dim. This is very useful when you want to turn on the phone when watching a dark movie, or when just want to read briefly at bedtime.

The Interface and Features!

Oppo F5 runs on the Nougat Android OS and the homemade ColorOS 3.2 interface. The screen also supports Gesture, one of its functions can activate the screen by tapping the screen twice. It is interesting to see through Split Screen feature that can run two applications at once. Through Split Screen, watching YouTube while browsing is easy to do because both can be enjoyed side by side. Moreover, the screen is 6 inches big enough.

For screen safety, can use a password, fingerprint or face recognition. Similar FaceID on the iPhone X is proud of it, in Oppo F5 Facial Unlock feature that also uses face recognition technology like a screen opener. This facial recognition feature can quickly recognize registered faces, less than 1 second.

Moreover, there is a feature “Do Not Disturb” that can help users while playing games or watching streaming video, so as not to disturbed incoming calls. When the “Do Not Disturb” feature is enabled, incoming calls will only be turned into notifications. If the unique feature is enabled, once there is that incoming call, the game will still run normally.

Selfie Camera!

Currently dual camera trends, both front, and rear. Oppo F5 does not use dual cameras like that, but only one camera equipped with AI technology (Artificial Intelligence) called Beauty Recognition. Features “Beauty Technology” is indeed able to distinguish the skin color of men and women when used photographing, even though photographed together, for example when taking selfie photos together.

Opto F5 selfie camera is 20MP resolution with AI Beauty Recognition technology. The result, selfie photos more natural following the face of the photo object. Photos selfie in Oppo F5 reliable results, both in light and light. Backlight conditions can also be handled properly. There are even Bokeh features that work well and neatly, making the main photo object more prominent and clear.

Main Camera!

The main camera Oppo F5 is also not a dual camera, which is 16MP resolution plus Electronic Stabilizer feature, so the camera can record while moving without worry the result will shake and blur. The presence of Electronic Stabilizer makes the video recording stable and minimal vibration. The main camera results are sharp and detailed, with brilliant colors. Even in the room with minimal light, the photo still looks bright, sharp, and natural color.


In the mid-range smartphones, Oppo F5 can be one of the tough champ. Oppo F5 equipped with MediaTek MT6763MT Helio P20 Octa Core 2.5Ghz processor with 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal memory. While the operating system is running on Android Nougat and ColorOS 3.2 interface! Used about a week by installing many applications, Oppo F5 can show fast and stable performance. Multitasking activity runs smoothly, although opening many applications at once.

Similarly heavy games can run smoothly, with sharp details and with a few unobtrusive lag symptoms. Multimedia also appear attractive, the display of sharp video on the screen and audio is clear and loud. And do not forget add-ons like the 3.5mm jack or the FM Radio, which are always appreciated.


Some people may doubt the battery capacity of only 3,200mAh. However, it turns out good battery life, can last a day with normal use, meaning used for daily needs such as browsing, WhatsApp, social media, email, and entertainment to taste.

Things are now increasingly rare in the latest generation smartphone, is the absence of a special slot microSD. In Oppo F5, microSD slot is not a hybrid, so there is 2 sim card slot plus a microSD slot for up to 256GB.

Note: Security through the fingerprint sensor feels fast and accurate reading fingerprint, of the finger must be clean and not wet!


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