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OnePlus TV U series vs. Y series

OnePlus recently announced the launch of new series of TV which is budget-friendly and on limited edition flash sale on Sunday the 5th of July. These 2 new variants are moderately priced at Rs 12,999. So what’s the difference between U series vs. the Y series.

OnePlus TV U Series

The 55-Inch legendary U Series comes with 4K UHD Display quality with an enhanced 93% DCI-P3 colour gamut.  This specification provides breathtaking sharpness, clarity and vibrant colour. The TV comes with Ultra-Thin design with just 6.9mm and offers a bezel-less screen-to-body display ratio of 95%.

The gamma engine provides smoother visuals and has real-time image quality optimization. The features of U series from OnePlus TV include:

  1. Advanced motion estimation, motion compensation (MEMC) algorithms elevate video frame rates to intelligently interpolate content, reducing motion blur, stuttering and ghosting so action-packed movies and sports visuals remain smooth and crisp
  2. Noise reduction mitigates image noise without washing out the vivid colours, giving you truer blacks, cleaner whites and an overall higher-quality digital source content
  3. The colour space mapping feature reduces the colour and tonal discrepancies and ensures an accurate depiction of visual content captured in any colour space
  4. Dynamic contrast technology automatically detects the input visual signal and adjusts to create optimum contrast, allowing the visuals to appear with better striking tones and balanced colours
  5. The anti-aliasing feature smoothens visuals edges and lines providing a finer, uniform appearance while guaranteeing a more natural viewing experience
  6. The super-resolution feature effectively processes low-resolution images to give you high-resolution images while seamlessly filling in subtle visual details that often go unseen
  7. AI Picture Quality also offers the Dynamic Gamma Curve, leveraging facial and scene recognition technologies to automatically adjust sharpness and fine-tune picture quality settings

Powered by Dolby Speakers, OnePlus TV has 30W output where you can hear the thumping beats and mellow sound both equally.  With Dolby Atmos Surround Sound System, you can experience a movie like you are sitting in a movie theatre.

OnePlus TV Y Series

The Y Series TV comes with 2 options 32-inch and 43-inch variants with 93% DCI-P3 colour gamut. It offers similar kind of viewing experience similarly to U series, it has Gamma Engine which also offers many innovative features such as noise reduction, colour space mapping, dynamic contrast and anti-aliasing, which enhance picture quality and bring out the most vivid shades of colour tones to deliver an unmatched viewing experience… The difference between 43-inch and 32-inch variety is that 43-inch comes with FHD viewing experience and 32-inch provides HD viewing experience.

OnePlus TV comes with Oxygen Play which is first of its kind in a television where you can easily access many contents from an OTT Platform. Here in OnePlus, you get to access Amazon Prime easily which is the first of its kind.

Also, the U and Y series are equipped with special content calendar feature which allows you to set reminders or to-do watch lists and stay ahead of schedule.

U series which is only available in 55-inch variant costs Rs 49,999, the Y Series 43-inch variant costs Rs 22,999 and 32-inch variant costs Rs12,999 INR respectively.

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