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OnePlus TV Launch

OnePlus a global smart device manufacture that captured everyone’s attention releasing OnePlus One smartphone with high-end specification back in April 2014 has now again attempted to grab everyone’s attention through their latest addition in their list of gadgets under their name. OnePlus TV, the concept of OnePlus TV took place around 3 years ago and in the year 2019, it is finally reaching its dedicated customer base.  On 14th August 2019, this global smart device manufacturer announced/ revealed the logo and name of the display device. ‘OnePlus TV’ which represents company values, vision and focus on delivering user-centric devices through breakthrough innovation.

With their lingo, ‘Never Settle’ OnePlus constantly challenges the changes in tech world that is currently happening, with its development of AI,VR etc OnePlus has its presence and has used them in their devices which they release every year and its dedicated customer base are eager to know what other products will be released each year.

OnePlus TV was released on 26th September 2019 after years of development and research. The TV runs on Oxygen OS along with Android TV OS with support from Google Assistant. Having supporting Google Assistant, OnePlus TV has built-in chrome cast and has access to Google Play Store Apps. The TV will be of 55inch 4K QLED Panel and supports HDR, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. The screen resolution of the TV would be 3840×2160 with HDMI Port, USB port and Wi-Fi enabled. On 5th of September, the remote for the TV was revealed and features Android Navigation buttons, a dedicated button for Google Assistant and OnePlus Button. It has a bezel-less display and Kevlar finish at the back.

OnePlus TV has 8-speakers capable of producing 50W of Output. The TV is powered by MediaTek MT5670 SoC with Mali-G51 GPU, 3GB RAM and a Gamma Color Magic processor.  The TV has Bluetooth Connectivity of Bluetooth 5.0 and has Amazon Alexa built-in Support. However, Alexa can be user preference where they can enable the option to turn it on/off, increase/decrease the volume change channels all via voice command


Currently, OnePlus TV will be available in the USA, China and India. And in India, it will be available on various Online Sellers, and Amazon will be selling these starting their Great Indian Festival Sale on 29th September.

#MacroTravellerTech Lifestyle
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#MacroTravellerTech Lifestyle
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