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One of the largest Museums in the World : Egypt Museum, Cairo

Egyptian Museum or Cairo Museum as it is also called is one of the museums in Egypt which boasts of having the largest collection of antiquities and artefacts of Egypt in the world. The museum is located near to the famous Tahir Square and is one of the major tourist attraction spots in Cairo. Egypt Museum hosts over 120,000 items on display and this includes the famous mask from King Tutankhamen, sarcophagus and the royal mummy room.

Entry to the museum is easy, however, if you want to click pictures kindly ask the authorities if the camera is permitted inside the room as some days there will be rules of no camera’s are allowed inside the museum premises. In that case, it is better to leave the device at the hotel safety deposit. Upon entering into the museum you would notice many of the artefacts are kept behind the glass encasings.  You can hire a private guide who will assist you during an entire tour of the museum and he will explain to you the names/history of the artefacts which are kept inside the glass encasings.

A tour with a guide can last around 2 hours approximately, however, If you wish to explore the museum on your own you can do the same where you get to see the huge array of carved hieroglyphic-adorned stone artefacts at the first floor, at the second floor you will find a museum with the greatest exhibits such as treasures excavated from the tomb of King Tutankhamen.

King Tut’s tomb is one of the greatest archaeological finds in history as this was the first tomb to be excavated with all the artefacts intact. This gave the world a whole new meaning of tombs of pharaoh’s and which in turn lead to finding many other such tombs. Many other tombs were robbed and the artefacts were not present, however, this was not the case of King Tut’s tomb. When the tomb was excavated, they found many artefacts which are still preserved and present in Egypt Museum including the famous gold mask and jewelled sarcophagi.

Including King Tut’s artefacts, the Egypt Museum posts many other displays of Pharaoh’s that have marked their name in history.  They are housed in the Mummy room which you can visit while exploring. For the mummy room, you need to pay extra as they are preserved well. They are preserved with the ancient art of mummification.

You can easily take your time off in your tour of Egypt to explore the Egypt Museum, however, it is to be noted that a new museum called Grand Egyptian Museum will be open by end of 2020 which is worth visiting once opened.

Destination Egypt
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