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One of the best asian Restaurant in #Mumbai:POH

Progressive Oriental House (POH) is one of the best fine-dining Asian restaurants. This place offers a beautiful and elegant ambiance with an exceptional seating area. The restaurant also offers an exclusive tasting menu which serves an array of Asian delicacies to choose from. Every dish is of the delicate and authentic taste and is served to customers. The outdoor seating area available there provides an impressive combination of good weather, delicious food, and amazing vibes. POH is located at Kamala Mills Compound in Lower Parel, Mumbai, POH proves to be an excellent place for people to enjoy the real tastes of Asian delicacies.

POH works towards creating a seamless union of progressive Asian flavors and textures, retaining the essence of the respective region by evoking nostalgia through the POH Experience. Here all the spices and ingredients used in the preparations are authentic and aromatic and are specially handpicked by the qualified chefs. In addition to the great food, the eclectic bar menu offers a broad range of drinks and spirits.

The Progressive Oriental House aka PHO – Experience encompasses a combination of the Yàodiàn Bar, the Sushi Bar, and the Degustation Dining.

Yàodiàn Bar – Experience rare Asian herbs and spices at this unique bar, it promises mixology by taking into account the old herb traditions of China. The bar menu offers 12 signature cocktails, of which Wooden Smoke, a vodka based drink with notes of basil and kaffer lime sounds interesting.

Sushi Bar – The idea behind the Sushi Bar’s that of a ‘purist’. Izakaya strives to recreate the traditional sushi experience. Here, you’ll get to communicate with the chef and let the Itamae’s hands create your favorite maki rolls with the combination of ingredients you desire. Pair them with the signature cocktails and enjoy! Furthermore, the signature menu has been designed in a manner to compliment the Sushi Bar and Degustation Dining experiences.

Degustation Dining – Here, you will find an extensive focus on handpicked, seasonal, indigenous ingredients that come from a strong supply chain to ensure consistency in flavors. It offers a combination of a la carte as well as Chef’s Tasting menus. The dining experience at POH is representative of the region’s culinary legacy, to suit the palate and dining culture of today.

Coming to what I tried here. I determined to try out chef tasting menu so I can try a good number of dishes and experience full range of options served here.

Crispy Banana Blossom Salad: Inside the flower, you have the salad which has a combination of baby banana flower tossed with tamarind, fried onions, coconut pieces, peanuts. It was such a unique mixture. I liked it, and it also tasted good.

Not a Caprese: As the name advises it is certainly not a capresse. It’s exact cheese, tomato, basil leaves in olive oil along with a faux tomato made of tofu with a pepper gel. Something offbeat and I liked it.

Smoked Water Chestnut Tortellini: Water Chestnut tortellini was served on a bed of smoked corn mash and yellow bean sauce with different citrus liquids on the sides. It was so striking and tasted good.

Lotus Stem Dehydrated: I highly recommend trying this. Dehydrated lotus stem tossed with honey and Sichuan peppercorn. Note: You must have it when freshly served else can get mushy.

Gyoza Dumpling: Mind-blowing Chickpea Mash! The filling was the brain, and the dumpling was pan-fried. It was delicious.

Herbed Tofu: If someone tells me this was chicken, I will trust him. A lot of vegan food here is mind-blowing. Just check for the ingredients. It tasted like Kebab.

Artichoke Red curry and Kerela Red Rice: Very impressive. It’s blending at its best. The rice was chewy, the way I assumed to be and had delicate garlic and edamame seasoning. The combination of Kerala Rice softens the strong curry flavor. Thai Red Curry is nothing new, and most of us are familiar with it.

Delicious Desserts!

Caramel and Chocolate Cake – Delicious. Chocolate stuffed with caramel served with honey wasabi ice cream. It had an aftertaste of chocolate, caramel, and peanut butter. I loved it.

Poh’s Sweet Mess: It was fun to drop the ball from the height on the plate and see it shatter. Yoghurt was melting. It was nitro frozen dessert. Many textures of yogurt in this dessert were good!

All the dishes were a piece of art. Staff is extremely polite. Service is best, and there’s no doubt about that. Small things like pulling the chair out for guests, timely change of cutlery impressed me. Overall it was a great experience and lovely restaurant. MacroTraveller would definitely visit again!


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