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One of its Kind ,Night Safari in Singapore | #MTinSingapore

Every attraction of the city of Singapore deserves a visit, but if you are looking for an exceptional experience, one you will never forget, the Night Safari at the zoo will meet your expectations.  If you are passing through the city on one of your trips, this activity will make everything even more special. By participating in the world’s first night safari, which opened in 1994, 2,500 animals of 130 different species can visit at night in the open air natural environment. Nearly 40% of animals are endangered. The safari, which is joined by 1.1 million people a year, attracts considerable interest from both adults and children.

Singapore Night Safari

The Singapore Night Safari’s wild animals such as Asian rhinoceros, hyenas, Malaysian tapirs and Malaysian tigers are visited in the night in a separate area at the end of the Singapore Zoo. In order not to disturb the natural environment of the animals, only a natural light similar to moonlight is provided. The natural habitats built in a tropical forest area can be visited both by tram and on foot.

In the guided tour and on the trolley tour, approximately 40 minutes of excursions are taking place in areas that represent the seven different geographical regions of the world. The Himalayan hills offer exciting information about guide animals as they pass through areas like Asian forests. The tram that slows down or stops from time to time as you see the animals to the right and left of the tramway, you can see how the animals lived and moved in their natural habitats at night.

Another way to get to night safaris is to walk through the areas of animals in the dark night. Malaysian flying dogs and Malaysian flying squirrels can be at your side as you wander into the life of an animal in a walking tour that allows you to witness closer to the trams. Those who choose Leopard Walking Route can observe many tigers in the darkness of Southeast Asia from behind the area where the glass and leopards are located.

Night Safari opens its doors at 19:15. The Night Safaris area, which closes at 24:00, welcomes visitors at 23:15 last. Entrance fee is 42 Singapore Dollars for adults and 28 Singapore Dollars for children. Singapore Zoo can be reached by buses 927, 138 and 926 from bus links on the north-south metro line, the red line. It is not necessary to take pictures with the flash to disturb the animals. Trying to take photos on the field with minimal lighting, it’s better to taste the nightly experience, which is an exciting experience.

In the night safari, I went out with the tram, and I could see many animals on the route as they pointed to the guide. However, some animals, including trees and rocks in their area at the time, were behind them, so we had to go through them without seeing them. For those who want to witness the wilderness more closely, they should not spend as much time as they ask for in the area they want by choosing their walking routes.

But it does not end here: the Night Safari in Singapore also provides night shows with tribal dances and fire-eaters, to amaze even younger and old and entertain you throughout the evening, between nature, music, and entertainment.

Singapore Night Safari promises far more than a zoo visit. The night safaris tour, which can be called as a “visit” or “experience,” provides close contact with a different activity and wildlife.

Address: 80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826

Opening Date: May 26, 1994

Opening hours: 19: 30-00: 00

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