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One of its kind Jet Boat Ride in Gold Coast

Come to the Gold Coast, take the jet speed up to 80 kilometers per hour jet ski is not to be missed adventure! Here you can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Gold Coast from the water but also in the rapid speedboat stunt, to experience a different kind of adventure. The jet boating departs from Surfers Paradise, and a wizard with top jet boating experience guides you on jet boating on the shallow ocean beach and learns the effects of speed gliding, turning, tailgating and 360-degree rotation in water. Throughout the process, you may also see beautiful marine life such as dolphins and ocean birds.


Gold Coast’s jet boating experience has 40 minutes and 1.5 hours two packages, you can choose according, only an hour’s journey will provide you with a new way to feel the charming scenery along the coast. This is a perfect match for families and absolute safety of the rides, the Gold Coast is not to be missed sea adventure! While exploring the unique waterways, you can also experience water-speeding, fast-moving, a variety of water-skiing, or an exciting swirling motion on the water below 10 cm.


#MacroTravellerTips: You have to sign a declaration before taking a ride!

Jet boating is a merry way to explore the Gold Coast. Gold Coast, with its extensive water sports, has become a popular destination for both local and foreign visitors. Feel the breathtaking beauty of the Gold Coast from the water and experience a variety of adventures under the speedboat stunt. Beautiful scenery, watch dolphins at breakneck speed navigation in front.

This is the best jet boat trip. First of all, this is not slow travel on the canal. This is an exciting journey. I sat in the front left corner, oh wow, I was delighted! The ride up to Stradbroke Island is combined with spins, swirls, and quick runs. A quick stop for some info on the island, which was interesting and it was followed by more action on the water. A noticeable difference was that Paradise could go further and longer, making the experience feels like you have spent a right amount of time on the water. Our driver was outstanding, and he made the experience entertaining and also knowledgeable. The spins and runs were an experience to remember. Beautiful scenes that leave you with pleasant memories and it sum up to a remarkable experience.


One of the most attractive activities of the Gold Coast! MacroTraveller’s journey was swift, savory and wild, I highly recommend it! Take a speedboat tour of the Gold Coast and enjoy the thrill of speed while enjoying the beautiful scenery along the way, bringing you an unparalleled fun of travel.

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