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Oktoberfest Celebrations at The United Sports Bar & Grill, Phoenix Market City, Bangalore

The United Sports Bar & Grill are celebrating the Oktoberfest in their own special way by hosting lots of Oktoberfest Games,and a special oktober fest menu.They are various options such as tarts, sauerbraten, Bavarian meat balls among others.They have have a special oktober fest drinks menu.


Instead of doing the usual review as a blog post, here my partner in crime Hrish Thota and yours truly decided to do something different.A video review with special thanks to towntrendz.com team. Here is the video.Comments and feedback are appreciated.

As per of the Oktober Fest Tradition,We decided to take part in the oktober fest games.

We started with the vegetarian starters,Cheesy Potato & Mushroom Tarts was the first one offered and this tarts was filled with German styled carmalized onions, herbs, potatoes and mushroom. it did taste good but was a bit plain and dry.

Cheesy Potato & Mushroom Tarts

Another vegetarian starter was the Stuffed Aranchini with Mango Salsa. These were Risotto rice fried and mixed with fresh water chestnut and mushrooms and served with spicy Mango Salsa. This is one of the most innovative starters i have ever had, especially the dip was a perfect one.

Stuffed Aranchini with Mango Salsa

Non-Vegetarian Starter was Grilled German Sausages. These were grilled sausages layered with cheese and wrapped with imported bacon! They just look delicious that i can feast it with my eyes.

Grilled Sausages

The Next non-vegetarian starter was Bavarian Meat Balls. This is imported beef slowly cooked and made to perfection and tossed with tangy tomato sauce.

Bavarian Meat Balls

Chicken Blue Schnitzel was the next one offered to us and it was Crispy Chicken stuffed with Cheese and enveloped with imported chicken salami.

Chicken Blue Schnitzel

The Vegetarian main course was the Layered Potato Cakes with Cheese.These looks very colorful in terms of presentation,but i wish the taste could have been better especially because vegetarians had comparatively less options than non veg.

Layered Potato Cakes with Cheese

Beer Roasted Spring Chicken was one of the main highlights of Non-Vegetarian Main Course. This was juicy spring chicken infused with herbs and beer overnight and roasted to perfection and served with green veggies and cheesy mashed potatoes.


Beer Roasted Spring Chicken

The next one is the Chargrilled Fish with Pickled Sauerkraut. This was perfectly char grilled basa fish which was served with assorted red cabbage and apple Sauerkraut and tossed with fresh green peas. The fish was perfectly salted without over burning or over salting.

Char Grilled Basa Fish

To finish the elaborate menu, the dessert was Baked Phili Cheese Cake which is Philadelphia cheese baked and drizzled with fresh blueberry compote. It was a perfect sweet ending to a wonderful menu!

Overall, there is a good balance of flavour in all the dishes and also i loved the presentations of all dishes.

Baked Phili Cheese Cake

The United Sports Bar & Grill is a wonderful place to unwind with family for a game or two along with yummy food and perfect drinks after you are exhausted with all the shopping at Phoenix Market City!

My Rating :- 3.5/5 for food
4/5 for presentation
3 for ambience.

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#MacroTravellerFood Lifestyle
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