ODE TO LESVOS: an inspirational story of people helping during the refugee crisis

Every journey has a beginning and an end. And in between, there are fascinating stories. Stories and life changing experience that make the world a better place to live in. Journeys of people that make us smile, cry, share, get inspired and inspire others to #KeepWalking.

Ode to Lesvos is a story of recognition and acknowledgement for the extraordinary behaviors and acts of the islanders of Lesvos, who have greeted and saved thousands of refugees. On World Peace Day, Johnnie Walker -The Journey released a film called Ode To Lesvos that highlights simple acts of kindness and humanity can make a difference to many lives. The values of empathy, solidarity and selflessness expressed by the islanders in the film ultimately led to the nomination of some of them for a Nobel Peace Prize. I feel it’s a perfect day to launch a film like this which promotes and resonates peace and humanitarian values.

Ode to Lesvos is a documentary about the recent refugee crisis that has awakened the consciousness of the entire world. “Because it could happen to anyone, tomorrow it could be me. I could be on a boat with my family and I would like to be helped.”

We have seen in India how ordinary people have adopted a positive, proactive and hopeful stance in the face of an otherwise tragic situation and have made a difference to the lives of several others. it’s the chain of humanity that links each and every one of us and when someone needs help, we must be present. Being in Bangalore, I am reminded for the flood and rain situation that had affected Chennai and lots of unsung heroes across India had helped people during the crisis.As the documentary shows, the migration crisis continues to have a huge impact on the world in which we live. You too can share Ode To Lesvos on your social media channels with the hashtag #KeepWalking to drive awareness for the Syrian refugee crisis. In addition, people can also make a financial contribution to Mercy Corp by using the link –



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