Destination Iceland

No quarantine is needed for foreign tourists with Covid-19 history to visit Iceland.

One of the beautiful destinations in the world, Iceland is now welcoming tourists who want to visit this picturesque location for winter vacation if they have tested for Covid-19 before.

According to the reports, the new travel policy introduced by Iceland will become effective from December 10, 2020, onwards and all the traveler needs to submit is a proof of Covid-19 test done about 14 days ago or antibody test done at European Laboratory or epidemiologist in the country.

Additionally, Only RT-PCR test results need to be submitted to Iceland authorities as Rapid Antigen Test is not accepted for travelers visiting Iceland.

Meanwhile, US Travellers are still not accepted to visit Iceland for short vacations however, they can seek long-term visas and live in Iceland for a maximum duration of 6 months. This rule is done to minimize the risk of infection from Overseas travelers.

Reportedly, for tourists who have never tested positive for Coronavirus yet want to visit Iceland, the mandatory rule is to either undergo two tests or need to quarantine for 14 days upon the arrival. The first test will be done upon arrival and the second one after a few days of quarantine. Tourists who are undergoing quarantine will be allowed for outdoor walks but visiting touristic spots are not permitted.

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