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Looks like this time Huawei will seriously explore the smartphone market in India. Lately, it seems like Huawei is very active and guerrilla is expanding outside the Chinese market, especially in other Asian countries. This is done clearly to further enhance the existence of Huawei in the world as one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world.

This time, Huawei launched the latest Nova series smartphone named Huawei Nova 3i. Huawei Nova 3i is also positioned as a middle-class smartphone to compete directly with several other brands that have previously played in this position. Three main sectors, namely the design sector, the performance sector, and the camera sector are the main sectors that Huawei will sell. Is Huawei Nova 3i also able to attract the hearts of Indian people like other Huawei smartphone series? Continue reading macrotraveller’s review until it’s finished …


According to me, one of the conditions that must be met so that a middle-class smartphone can compete with competitors who have played in this class before. Huawei Nova 3i meets these requirements. The front and back of Huawei Nova 3i are wrapped with glass that has no information on whether the glass used is scratch resistant or not. The back of the Huawei Nova 3i features a 2.5D glass back cover. Like most other smartphones that use glass material, of course, if our fingerprints will easily make an impression on the front and back of this smartphone. Option to use additional casing is one option that can be tried.

The front and back of the smartphone are put together with a metal frame in the middle. This combination is reminiscent of the older brother who was first present on the India market, namely Huawei P20 Pro. As a result of Huawei Nova 3i, which entered the middle smartphone class, has a luxury design typical of flagship smartphones. This smartphone is excellent when held. Impressions of expensive smartphones also present on this smartphone. The screen has a wider 19.5:9 aspect ratio, resulting in a larger display area of ​​up to 6.3 inches in size that can be handled in one hand. And notched at the edge of the machine for mounting sensors.

The screen almost wholly fills the front of the Huawei Nova 3i. As much as 81% of the front of Huawei Nova 3i is the screen that Huawei calls the latest FullView Display. The Huawei Nova 3i screen also has a very wide aspect ratio. To become a contemporary smartphone, don’t forget that Huawei Nova 3i has bangs or “Notch” which this time is quite wide unlike its sister, namely Huawei P20 Pro. Bangs or “Notches” are filled with two front cameras, several sensors, and of course the earpiece. Notch and the inside are very symmetrical, adding to the exclusivity of this smartphone design.

The back of this smartphone also has a resemblance to Huawei P20 Pro. The camera is placed on the upper left side of the back that is configured vertically. The flashlight is set under the camera configuration. But the one who makes it, the fingerprint sensor on Huawei Nova 3i is placed on the back. Also, on the back is a Huawei brand. Overall, I liked the design of Huawei Nova 3i. This smartphone seems luxurious, and it feels enough to have a high level of prestige. Reliable with excellent build quality typical of Huawei also present on Huawei Nova 3i.


Huawei Nova 3i is equipped with a reasonably large screen size when compared to other middle-class smartphones. The 6.3 “screen fills up about 81% of the front of this smartphone. The latest version of FullView display is also present on this smartphone. This latest FullView display has a very wide aspect ratio, which is 19.5:9. By having this super widescreen aspect ratio, of course, there will be more content displayed on this smartphone screen. This widescreen aspect ratio will also make the dimensions of a smartphone remain compact even though the screen size that is embedded in the smartphone is quite large.

Besides, by having a full aspect ratio screen, this will make us not need much – lots of screen scrolling or in other words with a minimal screen scroll, then the content that is displayed for us to enjoy. Watching videos, playing games, surfing the internet, using social media, and other activities when you use Huawei Nova 3i will be more convenient and comfortable. For its resolution, Huawei Nova 3i is equipped with an FHD + screen (1080 x 2340 pixels). With FHD + resolution on a 6.3 “screen, the Huawei Nova 3i screen density reaches 409 PPI (pixels per inch) which is good enough.

Huawei Nova 3i notches can be displayed and can also be hidden. This feature makes us feel like we have two different smartphones with just one setting. Overall, the Huawei Nova 3i screen is cool to look at. The color is a bit bluish, even though the settings for normal screen mode and default screen temperature mode are selected.

Performance and Features

A long time ago, a middle-class smartphone was identical with a reasonably friendly price but had mediocre performance. However, along with the development of the era and technological progress, middle-class smartphones are no longer the case. The price offered is still quite reasonable, but the performance and features provided are quite capable. This also applies to the performance of Huawei Nova 3i which can be said to be quite above average.

The 710 Kirin processor was first used on Huawei Nova 3i which has an excellent overall performance. For everyday use, such as chatting, watching youtube, playing on social media, this smartphone can be devoured without significant problems. For even the game playing business is quite substantial. Moreover, by default, Huawei Nova 3i already supports GPU Turbo features that will improve the performance of the smartphone but also will be more efficient battery power. Although I feel the rear body of the smartphone near the camera will be a little warm, but the smartphone usage experience is still cool.

Huawei Nova 3i has been running the latest Android 8.1.0 Oreo operating system, with Huawei’s user interface being made use of the latest 8.2 version of EMUI. I feel that UI from EMUI is now better, the icons look fresher, the combination of color selection, wallpaper selection, and animation are far more contrasting and live on Huawei Nova 3i. This may be the answer from Huawei which was widely criticized for its lack of interest in the EMUI UI.

The performance of Huawei Nova 3i is more resilient because it is combined with 4GB of RAM and a huge internal memory capacity, which is 128GB. Feel that the internal memory capacity provided is not large enough, you can insert an additional microSD card up to 256GB. Artificial intelligence (AI) or artificial intelligence is one of the points that are very much noticed by Huawei. AI is almost used in all sectors on this smartphone, such as AI Communication, AI Game Suite, AI Noise Cancellation, AI Gallery, AI Camera, and many others.

Connectivity is one of the sectors that must be considered by producers so that the experience of using this smartphone is not a problem. Huawei Nova 3i has been equipped with Dual 4G feature which is quite rare for its competitors. With this feature, you can insert two sim cards on this smartphone, and then both will be on the 4G standby network. Bluetooth version 4.2, GPS, AGPS, proximity sensors, light sensors, compass sensors, gyroscope sensors, sensor acceleration, are available on this smartphone. Huawei Nova 3i’s overall performance and performance is very good for smartphones that will compete in middle-class smartphones. The number of features presented on Huawei Nova 3i is one of its attractions that its competitors don’t have.


No doubt the camera sector is one part that is often used by manufacturers to be used as weapons when launching their latest smartphone. Smartphone manufacturers know that Indians are very fond of capturing every activity and moment they experience every day.

The back of the Huawei Nova 3i is equipped with a set of rear-mounted 16 million + 2-megapixel dual-lens lenses, with f / 2.2 aperture, the hardware configuration is typical on the same price mobile phone. However, the Huawei Nova 3i has software to make up for the shortcomings. The AI ​​scene recognition function that was previously seen on the flagship machine has also been added to the Huawei Nova 3i, which is a significant improvement for the shooting ability of the Nova 3i. Photographing has always been the strength of the Huawei Nova series, and the Nova 3i’s shooting ability is worthy of the Nova series of gold paint signs! Just say nothing, then see the proofs to talk.

As for the dark environment, the gap between Huawei Nova 3i and Nova 3 was finally revealed. Although the Huawei Nova 3i also has good exposure control at night, it is slightly inferior in detail retention and noise control. In addition to the visible noise of the photo, the vignetting in the photo often has no details and becomes black and black. It seems that Huawei Nova 3i still has some room for improvement in night shooting ability.

The Huawei Nova series has always dominated the market for young people, so Huawei Nova 3i did not dare to neglect young people’s favorite selfie ability. This time, they used a dual-camera camera with a front-facing 24 + 2-megapixel camera. It is already a superb self-timer lens configuration on the hardware. In the software, Huawei Nova 3i also joined the efficient AI HDR backlight photo mode, and you can use AI algorithm to help you improve the brightness of the subject in the backlight environment, without causing background overexposure! As for the actual performance of this group of front-mounted lenses, let’s analyze them through the sample!

From the selfie, the front lens of the Huawei Nova 3i is still excellent. The selfies taken are not only clear, but the eyes seem to be brighter. After the AI ​​HDR mode was turned on, not just the face of became bright, but the background details were well preserved, and it did not become a pale one!

Battery and Conclusion!

The Huawei Nova 3i is equipped with a 3340mAh battery capacity, but it uses a micro USB interface with a charging power of 5V2A. Although there is no big problem in terms of battery life, it can basically last a whole day, but it is slower in terms of charging speed. It takes about two and a half hours to be filled from zero.

In general, the Huawei Nova 3i’s Kirin 710 processor and 128GB storage space have laid the foundation for the future of the entire mid-range series of Huawei. I believe that the configuration of the next few Huawei and even the Honor mid-range mobile phones will not be different. Too far (until Huawei has a new processor). There are at least five main reasons why netizens or citizens all have to buy Huawei Nova 3i, and this smartphone is very rich in features, has superior specifications in medium smartphone class, luxurious designs like smartphone flagship, price to performance high, and very attractive prices.

The screen is not only large but has good quality, four cameras while have excellent quality, the latest and most advanced middle-class processor chipset combined with artificial intelligence (AI) which debuted at Huawei Nova 3i. The internal memory capacity is enormous for middle-class smartphones, and the battery capacity is quite large, the level of smartphone security through fingerprint sensors and face unlock which the verification process is swift. The above are some of the key selling points of Huawei Nova 3i.

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