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New Menu Launch of 2019 At Farzi Cafe, UB City | #MacroTraveller

Last week, MacroTraveller was invited for the new menu launch of Farzi Cafe UB City.

Noted Gourmand Suresh Hinduja says “Farzi Cafe, Bangalore doesn’t need any more introduction. Since it’s one of the most happening places in Town. One doesn’t visit Farzi Café to satiate an appetite merely; they come here to get “Farzified”! A tagline created by the impresario, Zorawar Kalra who is at the helm of Farzi Café and because of whom Nouvelle Indian cuisine has gotten a fresher, lighter approach that includes revolutionizing cooking methods like Espuma, Spherification, Foam, Gels, and other molecular gastronomic techniques and presenting it in a skilful manner.

The place that has always been in buzz for their remarkable food Farzi Café, UB City launched their new menu which was a delight to indulge in! Cooking is art, and the dishes created at Farzi are always terrifyingly original and worthy of earning Michelin Stars in my opinion.

Soup – Artisanal Tomato Soup (served with Garlic Rusk, Basil Gel). I loved this soup, and the flavours were subtle.

Tapas – Assorted Poppadoms, Dips Burrata Tokri Chaat, Dhokla Sponge Chilli Cheese Kulcha, Burnt Garlic Cream Farmers Land Desi Tacos. Tapas were presented so attractively with dips it was delicious!

Sponge Chilli Cheese Kulcha has a load of Cheese that felt like Indian Style Cheese Burst Pizza. Chilli Cheese Kulchas are not a novelty, but the ones here are royalty. Tacos and Chaat were also unique in a way it had a perfect balance of flavours, again a twist to contemporary dish from the west.

Mains – Desi Veg Sizzler Mushroom and Cheese Sizzler (served with Herb Rice, Grill Tomato), In House Fries Ratatouille Pav Bhaji (served with Bowl Maska Focaccia, Onion, Masala Butter). Loved the Pav Bhaji that was so cheesy and full of flavours. Pav Bhaji is an emotion, and it’s a splendid decision to try and adapt it with a few ingredients from the other side of the world.


Deserts – De-Constructed Lemon Tart Upside Down Black Sesame and Jaggery Ice Cream, Almond Chikki Crumb. The lemon tart was splashed was splashed and used as based, complete dessert tasted amazing.


Apart from good food, also got to try the craft beer – Hefe, IPA, Saison and Rauch Beer (Christmas Ale). Loved the Christmas ale as it had a slight bitterness and hint of jack-fruit flavour. This was indeed a wonderful evening spent. Thank you for having me over Suresh Hinduja, Rupa Balachandar, Rekha Ghosh and Team Farzi for the most delightful menu. MacroTraveller relished the experience of tasting the new dishes that have been introduced at the start of New Year 2019.

Farzi Café recreated this menu to include “newer” dishes that improvised on local favourites and to engage in an experience that is both intensely communal. Go ahead make a reservation, and you won’t be disappointed, and then tell me what’s your favourite dish or dishes from the New Menu was.”

For reservations call: 07259400900

Address: Level 2, UB City, Vittal Mallya Road, Bengaluru 560001

Content Courtesy: Suresh Hinduja,Rupa Balachandar & G2K





#MacroTravellerFood Lifestyle
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#MacroTravellerFood Lifestyle
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