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New Guidelines for Air Travel amid rising covid cases

In view of rising covid cases in Asian regions,  India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has updated guidelines for travellers entering the country.

The ministry recently mandated random testing for travellers where all passengers will undergo thermal screening with some being tested on arrival.

Here are the latest guidelines for travellers who travel to India:

a) All international passengers travelling from Japan, South Korea and Thailand need to mandatorily undergo an RT-PCR test and those found positive/symptomatic of covid-19 will be quarantined.

b) Air Suvidha, a portal where we need to upload a negative covid test report will be back and this has to be updated for all passengers flying to/back to India.

c) All passengers traveling to India need to undergo mandatory thermal screening.

d) 2% of all international passengers on each incoming international flight will have to undergo COVID-19 tests on arrival. They will be selected randomly; however, passengers will not be required to wait for the test results to arrive, and they will be allowed to leave after giving the sample.

If reports go by, no other countries have already started implementing covid rules however, Singapore has asked people who interact with tourists on a common basis to take enough precautions.

Destination India
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