Well, this is what i ve been since my inception.Social Media Evangelist , Gizmo Freak and Techno Geek , Blogger , Foodie , Avid Quizzer and captures life events as a photographer and love meeting Celebs:) .I love to travel,anywhere as long as it gives me adrenaline rush !!! Living life to the fullest and enjoying each moment and relishing the essence of LIFE:) playing the game of LIFE is my passion:)

5 years ago, my dream and ambition was to be an IT industry, would ve never thought in my wildest dreams that Social medis would change my life and my passion into profession forever.

Thats my story, Always have been inspired by Bill gates and Microsoft had been my dream job since last 15 years .but last 3 years, Social media had rewritten my fate and my passion for socializing with people on digital media turned me into a social media evangelist and have been a food,technology and lifestyle blogger as well.

Over the years, have been part of some of the India biggest social media events and have covered some of the events and organized various tweetups and blogups for brands and build social media and bloggers community with like minded friends in the region.

Some of my achievements and campaign i ve been part are as follows :-


Was Selected as part of the Fan advisory board for RCB and handle the contest zone of RCB.

2) Pepsi IPL Tweet-up Bangalore Edition,

3) Pepsi Atom Eat-up Bangalore Edition.

4) Nokia “Your Wish is my App Bangalore meet”.

5) :- official blogger and handled their twitter page for Ad-Tech Delhi Edition.India biggest Social Media and digital marketing Event.

6) :- official blogger and handled official twitter for the organizing Social media day on 30th june 2013 in Bangalore with @thegraffitico and Mashable.

7) Invited by Goa tourism to cover the shigmotsav Festival.
Though not a contest player, but would always love to win contest and goodies on social media channels now and then,

Blog :-

Facebook :- 4166 friends

Twitter :- 19112 Followers.

Picture Perfect Moments of Ad-Tech and Social Media Day Bangalore.








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