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My First International Flight Experience since the Pandemic with #LeanCleanFlyingMachine IndiGo

One of the craziest year in our lifetime was circa 2020. I guess our generation people would never forget what 2020 has bought for us. The world had come to an utter standstill and there were absolutely no forms of travel, both domestic, international, and let alone traveling from one place to another was absolutely not possible.

However, as things eased the later part of 2020, with courage and bravery &also trust, I decided to travel to Dubai which is one of my favourite destinations and it holds a special place.

I have been travelling extensively last few years in flight but 2020 was so different with no travel at all, So, when i planned to travel again, i was excited and equally nervous since the pandemic has a lot of travel restrictions and safety in question.

So When I decided to booked the flight, I trusted India Best airline carrier “IndiGo”, booked my flights to Dubai where I first flew to Sharjah from Bengaluru.

One of the new mandate which differs based on your destination is compulsory RT-PCR test 96 hours before departure and IndiGo made it easy where they have tied up with STEMZ Global which is a leading preventive healthcare provider for RT-PCR test.For more info:

Hence, before leaving Bangalore, India I decided to take the RT-PCR test with STEMZ Global and it was a quick and easy process where they collected my nose and throat swab from my house itself. Eagerly awaiting the results and i got it in less than 24 hours, I got my test result as Negative and off I go to my First International trip since the pandemic.

To make it easy, the Indigo6E website has given complete information that one can travel internationally as per rules and regulations from the government ,one need to carry RT-PCR test from government approved laboratory in India and it should not be more than 96 hours before departure.

The RT-PCR test should be duly signed and stamped by relevant authorities and must be written in English or Arabic. The test result is calculated to 96 hours since the sample is collected till the time of first port of departure.

Once i got the Results in less than 24 hours, I visited the laboratory to get the report attested with original printout since UAE doesn’t allow electronic copy or print out copy.

Once i had all the documents ready for me to fly to UAE including the Visa and RT-PCR test and valid return tickets with my accommodation confirmation, I arrived at Kempegowda International Airport (KIAL) , it felt like i am visiting the airport for the first time since the whole place looks different with many SOP and safety protocols in place.Thermal scanning is done for each flyer at the entrance of the airport and we went to the check-in counter of IndiGo.The airport looks quite different compared to my regular travel pre covid times.All Social Distancing protocols are followed at the airport.

IndiGo was ensuring the necessary safety precautions at every touchpoint like i just witnessed right from the Check-in counter, baggage drop counter.Regular Cleaning/sanitation of
touch-points like baggage drop counters were done for the safety of the customer and the staff alike.

The whole check-in process was seamless contactless experience.The staffs were very helpful and courteous and once the fomalities at the IndiGo check-in was completed, I headed to the immigration & security check.

It was good to see all passengers following the safety norms such as Wearing of Masks, Social Distancing and Frequent Sanitisation of hands.

Once the immigration and other security formalities were done in ease,I headed to the lounge and was pleasantly surprised to see that they have both dining & takeaway meals served which wasn’t the case pre covid times.

Once, we were ready to board, IndiGo handed over passenger safety kit that consists of Face mask, Face shield, Sanitiser which is given to every passenger and every middle seat passenger also get a PPE kit which my wife volunteered to wear and i am glad IndiGo is ensuring every safety aspects in air travel is taken care for the safety of the travellers which is their utmost priority.

As i started to board and walk through the aerobridge ,I was quite emotional to travel after 9 months and also glaad that my first experience since the pandemic has been great till now and i was greeted by the indiGo Staffs.

The aircraft is thoroughly sanitised after every travel and The air onboard is refreshed every 3 minutes and the fresh air inside the aircraft using HEPA Filters.

Once we took off, I tried out the Food onboard and love the options that #IndiGo offers for both Veg & Non Veg.The Air hostess and Staffs in the flight were in PPE suits and were serving us with love and care which IndiGo is known for.

Once we landed,We had a few new process laid out by the destination and since i landed in Sharjah, We had to take a mandatory RT-PCR test at the airport and got our immigration done and we reached our hotel and checked-in and had to be quarantined inside in the room till the results of the test are out.We would get a SMS to the registered local UAE number.

We got the results in 12 hours and until then spent the time inside the room itself.

Overall, Since this was my first trip since the Pandemic, i was quite reluctant initially but IndiGo pleasantly surprised me by ensuring the necessary safety precautions at every touchpoint during the consumer journey, from the baggage drop counter all the way till baggage claim and making the entire travel experience contactless and hassle-free.

I would assure that after my travel with IndiGo, flying is safe and passengers should start flying again in 2021. Also, we can trust IndiGo to fly us to the places safe and sound.

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