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Must-to-do adventure activity in Japan

Japan is an island nation which is one of the most visited in the Pacific region. It offers adventure tourists many such destinations for them to explore. Japan has an outdoor activity for all its visitors be it for Skiing, Mountain Climbing, Beaches and Islands, Drift Ice and Sports events, Japan offers them all. In 2020, Japan hosts the 2020 Summer Olympics and in the year 2018, Japan hosted the 2018 Winter Olympics where we can get to know how this island nation is a sports-friendly and also has both the conditions for Summer as well as Winter gaming competition.

If you wish to explore Japan, Adventure wise we recommend you some of the must-to-do adventure activity here.

1) Yakushima National Park: Yakushima National Park is located in the protected area of Kagoshima Prefecture, Kyshu. It is a part of Yakushima Island and some parts of Osumi Islands and entire Island of  Kuchinoerabu-Jima which covers total area size of 325.53 sq km. It is a protected national park which is known for its hiking trails. Some of the mountains present here can be climbed as some are considered Sacred according to the Japanese and these are barred from climbing. The park is surrounded by marine life and is this park is the place where Hawksbill Sea Turtle comes in Summer to lay eggs.  Towards the southwestern region, there are exotic wildlife and coral reefs.  The Island is known for having species of Japanese Macaque and endangered species of Ryukyu flying fox. The place is said to be having around 1900 plant species, 16 mammal species and 150 bird species.

2) Yoshida Trail, Mount Fuji: Known to be one of the largest peaks of Japan, Mount Fuji is located in Honshu and is considered one of the three holy mountains along with mount tate and mount haku. It is one of Japan’s historic sites and is one of the most preferred mountains for mountaineers to climb. The Yoshida Trail is one of the ancient routes to climb the mountain and is one of the difficult routes to explore. It is an 18.7 km trail which has some of the scenic views and beautiful wildflowers on the way. At the main trail entrance to Umagaeshi, you will be greeted by a pair of stone monkeys guarding the gate. The trail is accessible from July to September.

3) Mount Zao: Mount Zao is located near the border between Yamagata Prefecture and Miyagi Prefecture. It is a cluster of strato-volcanoes and is one of the most active in the region of Honshu. Mount Zao is known for its ski resorts, snow monsters which are formed mid-winter and the place where you can enjoy skiing. There is a large ski-resort that provides 17 ski slopes where they offer courses from late December to the end of April. There are various lifts, ropeways to take you to the tip and various courses will be held based on beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. After the busy courses, you can rest at one of 3 public baths or Onsen as it is called in Japan. Zao is considered to have one of the oldest onsen towns in Japan.

4) Pinaisara Falls: Located in remote regions of Iriomote Islands, Pinaisara Falls is one of the highest waterfalls in Okinawa region. It is known for its adventure where you have kayaking and trekking options. Iriomote is known for its wild adventure in Japan due to this. You can kayak through the mangrove forests on the Mare and Hinai rivers to the falls or you can spend the day exploring the unexplored regions of North of Iriomote Island. Pinaisara means old man’s beard in Okinawan, and standing on top of the waterfall provides you with the scenic view of the Island along with Hatoma, Barasu, and Hatobanare islands out to sea. You can also swim in the falls basin. There are various tour operators who operate day tour of the Island and it generally costs 100US$ for adults and 92US$ for children. Kindly check with the tour operator if you have children accompanying you as they might have varying age restrictions.

5) Drift Ice Walks: Walk on the famous Okhotsk Sea’s drift where you get a thrilling experience to walk over the frozen sea. This experience is a must for thrill-seekers as this provides adrenaline-filled adventure. If you want to explore more adventurous you can take a dip or go scuba diving in the icy cold ocean. Okhotsk Sea is located in the northernmost region of Japan and walking tour takes place from February to Mid March depending on the ice conditions. Walking tour starts from 45-50US$ where you will be provided with protective gears.

Apart from the rest, you can find various kayaking, island hopping, canoeing experiences in Japan which is a place for adventure enthusiasts. Depending on the adventure which you want to travel and weather conditions plan and explore the beautiful nation of Japan.

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