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Mount Nemrut : Mountain of Gods – Turkey

Nemrut or Mount Nemrut as it is usually called is one of tourist destination located in South-east turkey. This 2150 meter high mountain is one of the best places to view Sunset/Sunrise and the tourist inflow will be more during that period of time. Mount Nemrut lies around 25 miles from Adıyaman and can be reached within 2 hours. There are many tourist organizers who organize trip to the mountain with a guide so that you can get a better understanding of history that flourished surrounding the mountain.

The history of Mount Nemrut dates back to 62BC where King Antiochus I, Theos of Commagene built a tomb atop the mountain with huge statues of Greek, Armenian gods. Perhaps this one should be one of the wonders of the world where you notice tall statues being installed at such a great height which represents the belief in a deity. These sculptures are some of the most magnificent structures which you will find once you reach the top of the peak. These giant structures lookout for incredible sunsets or sunrise every day and they weigh over 6 tonnes individually.

These structures were built by King Antiochus which acts like a tomb-sanctuary, the sculptures consist of King Antiochus himself, two lions, two eagles and various gods. These statues appear to have Greek style of architecture but with Armenian clothing and style. This suggests the mix of cultures present during the reign of the Commagene Kingdom. At the top of the mountain, we find the ruins of the king which represent that this place was just meant to be burial place and not as an administration place. Overlooking Firat river, it is said that king’s bone and ashes were buried deep inside the mountain and is the covered. Overlooking the tombs are these huge structures.

This site was first excavated in the year 1881 and again after collecting details of the site, it was excavated in the year 1947 by an American Archaeologist named Theresa Goell. Sadly, due to invasions from various kingdoms and natural calamities, some of the structures are damaged beyond restoration. However, we can still notice Heads of statues and structure of eagles and lions in a condition which makes you visit this historic place.

Mount Nemrut is located near Kahta Village, Adiyaman province and is a dedicated national park of around 13 hectares. In the year 1987, Mount Nemrut was declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO and in the subsequent year it was made as a national park covering 13.850 hectares of land. This archaeological site is protected under National Conservation Law No. 2863 and National Parks Law No. 2873.

Tourists visit this National Park during Summer Months as it is only accessible during the season with many tour aggregator’s providing bus and car trips all day long, some travel organizers have organized even night travel to the mountain accompanied by Night Sky Gazing and cocktails.

Destination Turkey
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