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Mount Everest set to reopen for first time post-pandemic

Evening colored view of Mount Everest from Gokyo valley with tourist on the way to Everest base camp, Sagarmatha national park, Khumbu valley, Nepal

One of the tallest mountains in the world, Mount Everest is all set to reopen after remaining closed for over a year due to covid-19. As per the reports, hundreds of climbers will be returning to climbers for the first time next month. This time, mountaineering and government officials stated that they will be climbing the peak under strict restrictions.

As per a tourism department official, more than 300 foreign climbers are likely to attempt the climb when the climbing season starts in April. In the year 2019, around 318 climbers attempted to climb Mount Everest.

The tourism minister further added that this number is despite the requirement of one-week quarantine and certificate that proves that the climber has tested negative for the virus.

This year, all mountaineering companies are not returning this time. A number of organizers are not responsible for time to run expeditions especially given the weak healthcare system of Nepal.

Reportedly, some companies are gearing up to lead climbers and organizers believed that the Chinese side of Mount Everest will be closed this year too for foreign climbers and thus leading to Nepal side would have more climbers.

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