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Mount Everest reopened to tourists to boost tourism

One of the tallest mountains on land, Mount Everest in Nepal is now open to trekkers and climbers.

With relaxing of lockdown rules and restrictions from Nepal government and to increase tourism activities after months of lockdown, the Mount Everest is now open which is right at the time of the autumn season. The government expects to see more trekkers and climbers in the coming weeks.

The Nepal government will allow flights from International destination from August 17 which the government has taken the decision despite rising COVID-19 cases in the country. But the country will allow tourists where they should follow strict rules and restrictions and compulsory quarantine once they land inside the country.

Reportedly, one of the biggest Nepal-based expedition organisers is getting many calls asking the new rules to enter into the country and also the quarantine rules laid down by the government.

In the year 2019, Autumn expeditions to Everest were unsuccessful due to a block of glacial ice hanging above the dangerous Khumbu icefall which has to be crossed by the climbers before reaching their destination. And mountaineering experts have warned that the period of September to November to be a risky period for mountain climbing as the temperature will be low and this is the month where it would be windy.

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