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When we travel, one of the things to be sought is a place to stay like a hotel. Many of us will be looking for a comfortable hotel, but some who like the challenge will look for a different kind of haunted hotel. Several hotels in the world are believed to be a creepy hotel inhabited by various ghosts. Here is a list of 10 most haunted hotels in the world.

  1. Karosta Prison Hotel, Latvia 

This haunted hotel dates back to the 20th century in the city of Latvia. Unlike most other hotels, the hotel was used by Nazi soldiers and the Soviet Union as a place to lock in prisoners. After it was no longer used as a prison, the place was converted into a hotel.

As we know, prisons are not only a place to confine criminals, but in prison, there is also constant torture of prisoners. That’s what makes this hotel a creepy hotel. Some of the occult phenomena that often occur in this hotel are the lights coming out of the socket, and some hotel staff also claimed to have seen sightings of women hanging themselves in the corridor.

9. Akasaka Weekly Mansion, Tokyo

No horror movie in the world can beat the horror of Japanese horror movies. Japan is one of the countries in Asia that is already very famous for ghost stories. Almost every place in Japan has a ghost story that is creepy. One of them is Akasa Weekly Mansion hotel located in Tokyo.

Akasaka Weekly Mansion is one of the haunted hotels located in Tokyo, Japan. People who stay at this hotel are guaranteed to experience a scary event where they will never forget. It is said that a mysterious haze could appear suddenly from the air vents. Besides, some guests said that they had felt a touch of cold during the night.

  1. Bourbon Orleans Hotel, New Orleans

Bourbon Orleans Hotel was officially opened in 1827. Namuan when it was built, the building is not used as a hotel but as a ballroom. The ballroom is used to host several fancy events.

In the late 1800s, Bourbon Orleans was later acquired by Sister of The Holy Family. The ballroom was then converted into schools, orphanages, medical wards, and monasteries. Yellow fever that struck at that time made many deaths of children. It is said that the ghosts of children and nuns often appear in some parts of the hotel. This makes the hotel residents experience creepy experience during staying overnight in this hotel.

  1. Emily Morgan Hotel, San Antonio

This creepy hotel in San Antonia is a historic hotel, where in this hotel is said by many people often occur paranormal activity. The hotel, which has a total of 117 rooms, was used as a health facility.

Several reports reported that this hotel often occurs some paranormal activity. Making people give the nickname Emily Morgan Hotel to be the most creepy hotel in San Antonio. Some events such as strange sounds, the appearance of spirits, and also the sensation of being touched by the spirits become a common thing experienced by people staying at this hotel.

  1. Ballygally Castle Hotel Larne, Northern Ireland

Before becoming famous as one of the most haunted hotels in the world, Ballygally Castle was formerly a castle owned by the Shaw family for several years. The ownership of the castle then moved to Cyril Lord. By Cyril Lord, the castle undergoes modernization and enlarges the size of the castle which is eventually sold again and becomes a hotel.

There is a tragic story from this haunted hotel. The early owner of the castle, James Shaw has a wife named Lady Isobel. Lady Isobel is said to have been involved in prostitution to make her husband angry and lock her up to starve inside the castle tower. Lady Isobel then throws herself out the window. Because of that incident many people who believe that the spirit of Lady Isobel still ghosts hotel until today.

  1. Deetjen’s Big Sur Inn, USA

    The Creek House at Deetjen’s Big Sur Inn was damaged from a mudslide during recent storms in Big Sur, Calif. on Wednesday, March, 8, 2017. (LiPo Ching/Bay Area News Group)

According to the story of Ellen Brill, a set designer of the film series American Horror Story, this unique and beautiful hotel reportedly haunted by the ghost of the founder of the hotel named Grandpa Deetjen. The story says that in part Point Sur Lighthouse becomes a place to hold the spirit of the sailors who have died.

When visiting this haunted hotel, Brill said he was very scared to stay at the hotel. The sound of the steps and the sound of doors slammed into food every day while staying at this haunted hotel.

  1. Grand Hyatt Hotel Taipei, Taiwan

There are rumors saying that the Grand Hyatt Hotel was built on land that was once used as a place of execution and imprisonment for the Second World War prisoners. The unhappy prisoners of the soul then began to haunt the land that has now been built into a hotel.

Even famous Hong Kong artist Jackie Chan also said that he got a bad feeling when staying at this hotel. Jackie says that every night she always sees a ghost sighting. Not wanting the hotel’s reputation broken, the hotel then made some efforts such as summoning a fengshui expert who later in the hotel installed several antidotes like wind chimes, amulets, and Buddhist scrolls.

  1. Oatlands Park Hotel, Surrey

Welsh rugby players say they are afraid of staying at the Oatlands Park Hote. Not due to inadequate facilities and services, but because the hotel is rumored haunted. Henry VIII built the hotel as a gift for the new Queen Anne of Cleves.

According to some reports, a figure appears in Tudor Wings section. The apparition that appears is the spirits of a female servant who dies by jumping from the bell tower. Signs of the presence of the ghost is with a sudden change in temperature to cool.

  1. Le Pavillon Hotel, New Orleans

Founded in 1907, the hotel is described as a perfect place where guests can enjoy the luxury and romantic atmosphere that may not be found in other hotels. From the good image that many people say, this hotel is also not spared from the disorder spirits that make this hotel a haunted hotel is quite scary.

In this luxury hotel, it is said there are at least five different ghosts that haunt the guests. The first is Adda, the teenage ghost who was killed by a horse-drawn carriage, the second is the dark-shirted female ghost, the third is the shadow of the couple, the fourth is the ghost of a man who smokes. Of the many ghosts that fondle the hotel, the most famous is the fifth ghost that is a ghost of a naughty young man.

  1. Stanley Hotel, Colorado

For people who love to read Stephen King’s horror novel, this hotel is said to be a source of inspiration from the work of Stephen King. The story of horror that is often told in Stephen King’s novel is not merely boasting. Many people say that this hotel is really haunted.

Both guests and hotel staff say they often see some ghost sightings in the hotel. It was like the ballroom when there was nobody there, the self-piano sound, and the ghost sighting


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