Mokobara Review

Travel, one word that makes everyone jump in joy where they are excited to explore new places and surroundings. With a boom of International/National travel and with the availability of cheap flights people are now travelling frequently via air. This makes ones journey quick and exciting.

One of the hassles of air travel will be of the cabin luggage, packing a cabin suitcase takes time as major airlines offer limited size capacity and if you are planning on a budget airline, they allow only cabin luggage in the flight. Thus comes handy a new bags from Mokobara which has released a set of Cabin Baggage range which are roomy, sharp and are made for modern travel.

I had hands-on experience of these new stylish ranges of Cabin Baggage from Mokobara and it was quite sturdy and sleek as expected. The bags do offer good security where the drop tests did not do any harm when I tested it out. All the Mokobara bags are Goldilocks approved. They offer 6 years of warranty which is one of the most important things as a frequent traveller you do not want to purchase a bag every now and then. The bags are designed in such a way that they can accommodate the cabin luggage area of all major airlines. An overall dimension of the bag comes around 57.8 x 37 x 22.8 cms and they weigh around 3.27KG. They can occupy baggage around 43L which is handy for a week worth of travel.

One of the first thing you notice when you purchase is the design and sturdiness, which you can trust upon. The Mokobara bags are rated 5* for its quality build and design, where the shell of the bags are made from Makrolon polycarbonate which is lightweight and unbreakable. This, when I did the drop test, turned out good where I did not notice any cracks on the surface. The zips of the bags are quite smooth and are premium which makes it easy to open and close. The security of the bag is one of the main things where Mokobara offers Number Lock facility and a TSA Approved Lock. The TSA Approved lock helps the TSA to open the baggage to check the contents in the bag without having to forcibly open the baggage.

One of the impressive features of Mokobara Bags is that they provide a USB power outlet with a Power Bank package section inside the bag. This is situated near to the lock and is one major thing to keep your devices up and running if your device is running low on battery and also it avoids to physically keeping the power bank in hand when travelling. For the first time in cabin baggage, there was an option for Laundry bag where it was big and could occupy some of the clothes which are meant to be going for laundry.  The interior of the bag is quite spacious for a capacity of 43L and as said before, the Bag is suitable for a week worth of travel. This being said, I tried and tested out the bag with clothes and other electronic devices and to my surprise, the bag could hold most of the items which I usually carry for a week.

All the Mokobara bags come with Smooth Japanese Hinomoto wheels which are capable to rotate 360-degree and are of good strength to hold the baggage weight. They are smooth and when traversing, they do not make much sound. Expect the baggage to look like a premium traveller as the colour and quite bright and can capture eyes. Mokobara bags come with 6 colours of baggage where some bags have unicolour and the others are dual-tone colours. The unicolour bags are priced at Rs 7,999 and the dual colour bags are priced at Rs 8,600. The bags come with Drawstring Storage Bag, Laundry Bag and a special Magic Eraser where it helps to erase the scruff marks on the surface of the bag.

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